Catching up

Well, I ‘ve had a very busy month while my Blog has been down. I’ve been training, I’ve been racing and I’ve been dreaming up new products. A couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine took me to Houston Motorsports Ranch, this is a private, 2 1/2 mile race car track. It is very cool, people keep their race cars there and come in and race them for the day. My buddy has a very modified 350Z Nissan and a Mazda Miyata  that seemed willing to be abused, we ran the wheels off of them for awhile and then it started raining.  They have also built a great GoKart track as part of this place and they’re are over a hundred Karts there that people race. We ended up racing them in the rain and it was pretty rowdy when we were done.

Soooo you want an update on Cento uhh, you remember her, the Itailian beauty that I’m trying to tame. Our first few dates had not gone that well. I rode her a good bit and changed her outfits regularly, it seemed like she liked the shopping and trying on different outfits but would throw a fit and misbehave in racing situations.  For one of our local events, I even got LeRoi out and raced him without aerobars, just rying to set an example for the girl to follow.  Then one day, I decided that I had, had enough of her temper fits, I put road bars on her and STI shifting. It really is shamefull but with some very geek looking aerobars added we have seemingly reached a good happy place. I’m still using the short cranks and continue to love them, I’m running dual 50 carbon clinchers and a Mo’Flow seat, Cento and I are doing much better. I have my main “A” race of the year coming up in two weeks, the local Rose City Sprint Tri. I hope to be more ready and I hope Cento behaves.   I have also developed a new radical front water bottle holder. It is all top secret but I’m going to share it here anyway.  I developed special titainium impregneted, carbon fiber moulded elastic utensils that are strategically placed for maximum aerodynamics.  These soon to be patented widgets hod the front bottle in a just perfect location, I have ridden on some pretty rough roads and can report no failures.

It’s amazing how well some simple rubberbands can work.  My last update is about my trip to a dallas Cowboys football game. I had never gone to a game at Texas Stadium and this is the last season.  My clever sister found some tickets for $8.00 so off we went. It was the “Clampet’s go to Texas Stadium” for sure. We had a great time and got that out of our systems for awhile.


~ by johncobbresearch on August 31, 2008.

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