Close to the final

This past Saturday we had a practice triathlon here in Tyler, 54 racers showed up and we all had a good time. We set up bike racks and did transition practice.    We waited for everybody to get out of the water, then the race was on, it was fun and it was hard. It has only taken a couple of months, six bar setups, 4 seats, 3 wheel sets, many, many position changes but Cento and I have come to terms. This is a very comfortable ride now,  I actually look forward to riding this baby. This was a very long process and it helps me to remember more questions to ask when I am doing a positioning on someone. My wisdom to you is that it takes time and patience to get these bikes right, just 1 or 2 mm of change or a slight tilt of the bars can make such a difference. Mike has finished his  29’r single speed, complete with matching purple chain. It is always a very cool feeling to start with a stack of tubes, cut’em, weld’em, build it and then go ride it.    My main project for last week was to build a blower to clear the roads with. Where we ride most of the time is a nice road with a huge shoulder area but it gets a lot of broken glass on it. My riding buddy had a spare truck so I built this big ‘ol Blower for it and now one of the farm hands can blow the road off for us. It’s kinda cool, it raises up and down and I hope it works. Six days till my main race of the summer, it’s been fun getting back into training regularly and it looks like I’m only about two years away from getting in race shape.


~ by johncobbresearch on September 7, 2008.

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