So close, yet so far

It’s Friday night, the evening before my long anticipated local triathlon. Literally months of training, mostly ugly, a couple of thousand bike miles, running and even swimming, all to get to this point.

Normaly, I would be out having a pasta dinner, packing all my transition stuff, rubbing on Cento and telling her sweet things, but NO. There’s this Huricane Ike that has decided to visit the Tyler area on race day and the organizers decided to move the race back one week. Now when you’re a finely tuned racing machine like I am , it’s difficult to disrupt a strict training regemine and then get ready to race a week later.  I’ll work it out except that I have some wind tunnel testing sceduled for next week so now instead of Pasta dinner, I’ll be having airplane food as I fly in around mid night the evening before the race. My training crew [above] will have to hear more whinning and so goes racing. No matter the outcome, I’ve enjoyed the training and there are many more races in the future.


~ by johncobbresearch on September 12, 2008.

2 Responses to “So close, yet so far”

  1. I’ll just bet you have been swimming miles.
    Great to see you back on the web.
    Your favorite cousin Larry said you fixed him up with a new set of wheels. Good thing seeing he has trouble keeping up. I have not seen him this week although I heard he rode. I had a tire malfunction that day.
    Working on getting my own set of Blackwell wheels. Dave got back to me, now all I need is cash. Better talk to Debbie first.

  2. Hey Cobb, it would have been a great test for aerodynamics during Ike.

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