Big winds a blowin”

So, I decided to go out and make a complete fool of myself, I went to Palities to work on core etc. It was just incredible how spastic I was and how unflexable I was. My training partner, Robert, was MR. Flexible, I will make him suffer greatly, later on for this misadventure.  Most of you have heard that last Saturday there was a Hurican that came to visit. It caused the postponement of my main race of the season and went on to terrorize most of the country.  Well, race day is coming, this Saturday morning bright and early. My problem is that I will not return to Tyler until midnight the night before, I have a day of windtunnel testing scheduled in Charlotte, NC.  I hope to have some cool pictures next week of the tunnel and some of the test. I swam, I biked and I ran some this week so I should be ready for the race. The water has turned off chilly, 74 -75 degrees, so I’m dragging out my old wetsuit and see if I can get in it. There are no reported sharks in the waters of Lake Tyler so I feel safe not being mistaken for a wounded seal.


~ by johncobbresearch on September 17, 2008.

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