A racin’ fool

So, the Rose City Triathlon finally got to happen, no Huricanes, no heat waves, just  great weather and good times. I had set this race as my prime target race,  to help me return to training and get back in a little better shape. It’s been a long and occasionally ugly road, I had great support from my friends and Ginger, they put up with my whining and complaining and I want to thank all of them. The local triathlon club, East Texas Triathletes just did an outstanding job at hosting a first time triathlon, it was encredible how well these people did and I am very proud of our local club for this.  There was the usual pre race trash talking, there was some good racing and I finished and was able to talk afterwards. I actually had a good race, my running still has a long way to go but I was 17 minutes faster than my race in Jefferson and can see that I might someday get back to a competitive speed. Thanks again to everyone that put’s up with me.

    On Thursday I had gone to Mooresville, North Carolina, to visit the A2 wind tunnel there. I have been working on a new helmet design and it was time to test the final prototype before production begins. I had never been to this tunnel, they have only been testing bikes for a couple of years. It was a very good experience and I plan to go back, the staff is very bike knowledgeable and helpful. This is a tunnel designed for race cars but they have built some fixtures that let the bikes go in it. I had a couple of volunteers, Chris Olsen and Herbert Krabel came to be my test subjects, we ran about a zillion test and I think there will be some new speed coming soon.  The only real problem I had with this testing was that my training buddy Robert, who went to see all of this,  and I, had to fly back from Charolette on Friday night so I didn’t get home till midnight. My race morning came pretty early but I suppose that’s just part of the racing adventure. 


~ by johncobbresearch on September 20, 2008.

3 Responses to “A racin’ fool”

  1. That’s really cool that they’re encouraging the bikes in the wind tunnel in Mooresville. It’s a NASCAE mecca… glad they’re very receptive to cyclists and aero studies as they pertain to them.

    Great blog, John. I love keeping up with your activities and project bikes!

  2. Spelling error… NASCAR, not NASCAE… sorry. Typing too fast!

  3. John,

    Good to see you are doing well. Take a look at my Ironman fundraiser. It’s for a good cause. Brain aneurysms kill more people than AIDS every year!

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