Fonzy and the Bike show

Heeeyyyy….. That’s how it starts. Ginger and I were invited to an evening with Henry Winkler, you know, The Fonz ! It was fun, we were able to sit at his table and ask the usual dumb questions, he was very nice and he gave a great talk on dyslexia and how we need to work with it. He told some funny stories but said that his leather jacket was in the Smithsonian, so I couldn’t borrow it. The next morning we were off to Vegas and you know, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Well, not quite, I wandered the isles looking at all the new shiny products, it was nice.  I had to go to the Wilier Booth to visit with the press and answer questions about the TT bike, it has been a great success for Willier this year. Vegas is so accomadating sometimes, there was a reflection from the lights coming off my balding and shiny head so they had this hottie holding up some paper to block the lights, it almost worked.  The current head of Wilier was there from Italy, I caught Enricou in a light moment. It was a long day of seemingly endless walking and wandering, my feet hurt, my knees hurt and I was seriously down on nurishment. I left the show a little early because Ginger and I were going to a very special treat that evening, we went to the show Love, a Beatles song fest. There were some very talented athletes in that show, the special effects were sort of like the things we have going on here at the house in the evenings, you know, trampelines, Roller Blades, rope climbing… rightttt.  And then, my final photo as proof that I finished my Rose City Triathlon event. It was a great race and the local club did a tremendus job, this weekend I’m off to Dallas to do the Toyota Grand Prix triathlon, by golly I may just turn pro.


~ by johncobbresearch on September 27, 2008.

2 Responses to “Fonzy and the Bike show”

  1. How about more pictures of Ginger and less of Johnny?

  2. It’s great to have your blog back again, John! I figured you would be in Vegas this week. You’re missing some great training weather back here in ETex, but it should remain very pleasant for a while so you won’t miss *too* much. I’ll give you a call this coming week and we can get together and fix my “leg problem”–and I hope my position has not reverted back to “Awful”!! I set things up on the “Black Beauty” as close as I could to the way you had it on the old bike. New bike…same old legs!!

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