Turning Pro

   It may just be the right time to finally turn into a Pro Triathlete. I started my triathlon comeback way back in May, it was time to get serious about my racing and training. Along the way I got a new ride, Cento, my Italian mistress that proved hard to tame, but as we continued to date she slowly came to reward me and make me happy, she was a good girl this last Sunday. My training buddy Robert and I decided to enter the Toyota Grand Prix Triathlon in Dallas, a good idea on the surface but from  somewhere those people found some badass hills and wind to make it a challenging day.  I had made good plans, this was a point to point race so it required two seperate transition areas, it was different.  On Saturday we had to rack our bikes out at Joe Pool Lake where the swim and bike start would be, then during the race you rode into downtown Dallas and transitioned to the run at the American Airlines Center. Sunday started early, 5am, we had to be at the AA center to set out our running gear in the middle of a parking lot, then get on a bus and do a 45 minute ride to the lake and get our swim bike transition set, it was cold, we had no spare clothes, it was cold. This was all good except that when I was getting dressed that morning, 4:30am, the draw string in my tri shorts broke and they wouldn’t stay up and I had a big problem. I decided to do the race in a pair of running shorts that I had with me, turns out that was a little painful. The race organizers did such a huge job with all of this, by the time we finished they had moved everything from the lake to the run transition so all your gear was there, it was awsome.  The bike leg went 25 miles from south of Arlington, all the way to downtown Dallas, they had to close a bunch of major roads and there were cones and police at every intersection, it was just great.  At the finish my friend Jordan Rapp aka. Rappstar, a real pro came to congratulate me, he had a good race and I warned him to start looking over his shoulder. Unbelievably, I finished 3rd in my age group, I got a plaque and there were even more than three people in my age group so that was kinda’ special.  Every now and then the Triathlon Gods throw down a little scrap, just so you can justify the training. I’d like to thank my “team”, Ginger, Robert, James and Dave, their willingness to hear my complaining has been a big help.     Earlier in the week I had gone to a fun night of Slot car racing, I had not run my cars in a couple of weeks and I had a new racer that needed testing. It’s the green car in the bad picture, it was fast. This track is about 70′ long with several hard corners, my new racer did this in 3.8seconds and you can barely see the thing, it was fast. We had a great night of races and I should be able to run again in a couple of weeks. It’s a good diversion from the bike training.


~ by johncobbresearch on October 6, 2008.

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