State Fair Time

 I’ve heard about the Texas State Fair forever, I’ve heard about how it takes several days to do it right, I’ve heard about the car show, I’ve heard about the rides, I’ve heard about the crowds, I’ve heard about all the food, so we loaded up and went for the adventure.  I didn’t really get it at first, I mean, I’ve been to the Louisiana State Fair, that took about  30 minutes to encompass so what could be that much different here. Well, it did take a solid 10 hour day to see some of it and there were a lot of people. I was there about 15 minutes before I had my first Corn Dog, it seems that Corn dog’s are what you eat there, of course you have to back that up with lot’s of Ice Cream, by night fall I was dizzy from the sugar rush. Did I mention that there are a lot of people there, it was like being in China, shoulder to shoulder people, all day long. Then we wandered over to the petting zoo. It was full of all sorts of exotic animals from around the globe, they all seemed to speak the same language as far as getting a snack, the Ostriches were almost deadly in their skills at snaring a snack. Oh, we hadn’t eaten in about 5 minutes, so we had fried bacon, corn dogs, funnel cake, other things you probably wouldn’t try on a normal day, it was all good at the State Fair though.  Then, it was on to the car shows and yes, there were a lot of cars. There was a small motorcycle display with a few of the world famous “Martin Bros.” custom choppers there, these are $100,000.00 choppers that you can’t ride anywhere, I didn’t get that at all. A lot of cars though, it was kinda’ neat to have all the brands parked side by side, much better than cruising the dealers on the Loop.  We walked some more, I’m pretty sure we did a solid marathon, maybe a little more, I was beat. We ate some more cause we were going to need more strength to make it through the parade. About 7pm the crowds started staking out their areas for viewing the parade. This must go back to the pioneer Homesteading days or something but these people were serious about their parade viewing. A bunch of huge horses came through, followed by bands and floats, it was very pretty. There was a “light Show” that followed but I was done, it was going to be about another 10k to get to the car and I was completely beat. Maybe another corn dog or Ice Cream would have gotten me through it but I didn’t think so. The Fair was a lot like a triathlon, they are always much better the day after the race.  It was big, I don’t think it can be done properly in just one day and there were a lot of people there.

   I have a big bike week ahead, I’m designing a new seat that I think will help with some comfort issues. I’ll be pouring some molds and making several base samples to carve on, I’ll try to take some pictures. More training is ahead, the winter Duathlon season is coming and when you get to be a fine tuned athlete like me…… well I’ll just keep training.


~ by johncobbresearch on October 13, 2008.

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