Flat road to heaven

I had it going on this past week, did some good training, got a box of goodies in from Taiwan, rode on some flat ground for a change and visited some old friends down south. Ohh, Ginger just interupted me with fresh home made chocolate chip cookies, I’ll have to get my Ice cream balanced just right for this… Anyway, my buddy Robert and I went to the running track this week, searching for my lost speed. It looks like it is going to stay lost a little longer, my mind keeps thinking it’s 30 but the legs and heart seem to be in disagreement at this time. Ginger and I went to Shreveport on Friday, so on Saturday morning we met up with some old riding buddies from the Shreveport bike club. Marion and Nona had done the Toyota Grand Prix Triatlon with me a couple of weeks ago,  a picture of my plaque [very tacky] is  on the right, maybe the high point of my triathlon career though. We rode about 35 miles and my rich cousin’ Larry even went with us the whole way. It was flat, the weather was just perfect and it was flat. We had a great time, loaded up the car and drove to Lafayette for a suprise birthday party for my friend  Mark Miller.  Now, Miller is a legend in the south, he races a lot of tri’s, he has a nice bike shop and he knows just about everybody down that way. Through some miracle, his wife Michelle pulled it off and he was actually caught suprised for the party, we had a good time. We got back home on Sunday to get ready for another week. If any of you know a quick cure for my slow running don’t hesitate to chip in here, I’m going back to the track on Tuesday and continue my search. Robert is of no help, he run’s 6:30 miles so as he laps me he seems to snicker and say those ugly things like “good effort”, Duhh


~ by johncobbresearch on October 19, 2008.

One Response to “Flat road to heaven”

  1. Oh, the cookies sure look good cudos to the Gingergirl. Looks like your rich couzin may have beat you to the goods a couple of times. I do miss riding all day and never have to shift like in S’port. I am starting to think hills are just things that get in the way of a perfectly nice ride. Nice titleholder award big guy. Alohas

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