Back on the road

I had been pretty busy this past week, I’m working on a new web site with my niece Audrey, in Shreveport. She has a web/tech business and can say all those fancy internet words that I seem to forget. On thursday, I suffered through a 1 hr. run with Ginger and Robert, their ears probably suffered more than anything else. One of my bike riding buddies, “James, 65+ yrs. old” has decided to run with us some. He suffered real well on Thursday, so on Friday we did a little practice tri, 1 hr. swim, 25mi. bike, 2mi. run and James went the distance with us, except for that swimming part.   On Saturday I went to Ft. Worth to give a couple of talks.  I started at Colonel’s Bike shop, I worked with Brent, a new Pro Triathlete that Doug and the boy’s at Colonel’s are sponsoring this year. Colonel’s is building quite the reputation as a good place to go for bike fitting, I was there to explain the “short crank” thinking and to take a look at Brent. I’m starting to have more and more people take the plunge on the short cranks and it really is working. Then I went to talk to a newly formed bike club “Empi” that is made up of a bunch of Physical Therapist and orthopedic doctors.  That was fun except that they could ask really hard questions. We had about 15 riders bring in their bikes and we looked at the positions and discussed the causes and how to solve some basic issue for clients. A great group but it was a very long day.  This week I will continue on some new seat molds, I’ll try to take some photo’s.


~ by johncobbresearch on October 26, 2008.

2 Responses to “Back on the road”

  1. John you bring up several good points about aerodynamics & comfort, so I have question about selecting the right bike. For instance Cannondale Slice has seat tube angle from 73-78 where QR is 77… One, why would I choose one over the other and two can’t I get a C-dale road bike and put a fast forward seat post on and get the same effect as the slice. What is a good rule to use when choosing a Tri bike?

  2. Getting a road bike w/73* seat and reversing it will often use up a lot of top tube length. Your body porportions would be the deciding factor. If you have a longer upperbody then that wouldwork. The QR @77* is a safe bet as far as fit and handling.

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