Trick or Treat

Ahhh, Halloween, that crazy night that we all live for. Now that I’ve been through a few of those events, it’s always interesting to reflect on them. For years we lived in an area where we had no Trick or Treaters, it felt strange, now we live where there are many, many kids that come around, it’s better to have the kids. It’s fun to watch the little ones all dressed up, being prodded along by the very watchfull parents, I don’t think there was a single case of bad candy in our neighborhood. Now the real problem with Halloween is that if there is any of that candy left over… well, the last kid got a good bag full of stuff so that I wouldn’t get tempted this year.

I did some real Daniel Boone type work this week, we cleared a trail for running around this lake.   My training partner, Robert had a tractor that we hauled out to the woods to use for filling in a creek crossing and some heavy brush mowing. Our newly converted trail runner, James, had come along for the heavy lifting and chain saw work,  I believe I was in charge of thinking about why I was doing this, trail running is hard after all. We had done a 5 mile run the day before around the lake and at about mile .1 we decided that some trail work would be needed.  There is a deep mental illness that comes along with training with other people, you end up doing things that you just wouldn’t do normally. That first happened to me a long time ago, early 1980’s  with my buddy Greg that now lives in Hawaii, he and Larry Thompson would drag me into all kinds of crazy things. It is fun though, so I suppose that is why we keep doing these things.  Saturday I did some good positioning work on a fellow from Houston, Steve needs to go a couple of minutes faster for the age group nationals so I worked with him on pedaling technique, aero thinking and  more general suffering. This week, I’m off to California for a Slowtwitch Camp. These are up in the mountains, east of L.A. might be cold at night but I always get to meet some new intesting people.


~ by johncobbresearch on November 2, 2008.

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