Trail running

One of the problems with Off Road running is that it can lead to Off Road biking. I had not ridden my Mountain bike for several years and was pretty happy with that. Unfortunately, I’ve wanted to develope a new Mountain bike seat so that sort of led me to having to ride off road some more. nov-08-trail-run-robert-on-atb1 My training podna’ Robert, had never ridden off road at all, so we borrowed him a bike and went to the woods. I really had forgotten just how retarded you can be in the woods. I had a great time watching Robert fall while learning to do switchbacks. I think I have also come up with a great saddle idea so I’ll continue working on with that.  nov-08-trail-run-pipe I have continued with the trail running, I asked several coaches I was with at the Slowtwitch camp this past week, how to get my running better.  They all suggested that I do trail running, so I guess I will continue that a little longer.  I have assymbled a group to suffer with me, as long as you’re on nov-08-ginger-on-pipethe trail it’s pretty good, running across this pipe can be a lot more challenging and you easily can get wet feet from this adventure. Ginger is getting better, I don’t think there are Alligators in the water.  Earlier in the week I was in California at the November Slowtwitch Camp.  This is a 3 day event I go to, I teach the attendees about bike aerodynamics and positioning.  There are usually 12 -15 people there and it is always fun.nov-08-fist-camp-action-2  The campers learn about the dynamics of setting up a good rider position for triathlons, there are many hours spent learning how to figure the right size frame for a rider, many hours spent learning how to communicate and in the end, most people come away with a good knowledge base of TT positioning. One of the nov-08-fist-dinnermost valuable things that happens at the camp is the “dinner time” discussions.  By dinner time, every one is tired but also wanting to have more discussions about business, races, people, economy, etc. It’s has always proven to be a great time to get some good ideas about the pulse of the bike business in different parts of the U.S. and abroad.


~ by johncobbresearch on November 8, 2008.

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  1. Next time you are in Shreveport bring your mountain bike. I would love to ride with you on The Monkey Trail.

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