Heading for Thanksgiving

Last weekend, Ginger and I went over to Hodges Gardens to visit with some friends. We all live about 2-3 hrs away and we go meet there and eat, visit, run and eat. hodges-waterfall When I arrived, I started a fire in the house fireplace, I backed up to it all nice when a wasp comes out of the chimney and stings me on the neck.  That was probably an omen of the future. The Gardens is a very pretty place, I used to put on some triathlons and marathons there. It has lot’s of hillshodges-gardens-hill but I was pretty sure I was ready this year, I’ve been putting in some good miles here in Tyler. Saturday was coolish, 30degrees, our group started out early for a 6 mile run. It went pretty good to, I chugged along and was able to keep most of them in sight. I finished up my run and decided to run the course backwards to find some of the others, problem was, I had to run down this really sttep hill. About a quarter mile later, I get this huge calf cramp and have to crawl my way back, at least we still had a lot of good food to eat. gingers-knees  I’ve limped around here for a couple of days and thought that this would be a good day to do a trail run, kinda work out the calf soreness and all. Ginger had a small collision with the earth, skint both knees, I almost made a whole lap before entering cramp relapse, this training can be a challenge.

In a completely unrelated story, I got a couple sept-windtunnel-steve-helmet-tail-upsept-windtunnel-steve-helmet-back1of more pictures to post from my wind tunnel trip. This rider, named Steve, has lost almost 100lbs in a year and does long distance riding. He wanted to see if he could ride further with the same power so we ran several test to gather data. These first two pictures are interesting, helmet tail down and helmet tail up. You can see how the smoke breaks up with the tail up but you also see how the smoke continues to tumble a long way back with the tail down. Tail down looks good, Tail up was faster by a good bit.sept-windtunnel-steve-from-side1  This last picture is just a very cool picture showing how smoke moves around a rider. Steve had on a slightly loose Jersey, he was in a position that is good for a 150+ mile day and I think the jersey and slightly high shoulders are what are making the air pull around his back a good bit. It was fun, I believe we helped Steve gather some good data and I continue to study helmets.


~ by johncobbresearch on November 25, 2008.

3 Responses to “Heading for Thanksgiving”

  1. Hi John.

    Do you think that the above (tail up < tail down) holds true when the rider is in a more aerodynamic position (that is, his position looks like it has room for improvement in the 40k distance, probably not so much for 150m.

    I suspect that it might not hold true when the back is flat…



  2. Ohhh, Don’t remind me of the pain I have met at the Gardens. I had long forgotten about that place. At least the color of Gingergirls toes match her knees. Happy Turkeyday. I will think of you guys at dinner on da beach.Aloha

  3. John,

    If you look at the tail down picture and you mentally add in the smoke going around the body (the last one) you can see that the helmet deflects the air up and that the air going around the body bumps into it from underneath. That leads to a long turbulence trail. When the helmet tail is up, the upper stream is broken and the turbulence is no longer there.

    Am I just imaging this or do you agree?

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