A challenging week

As most of you realise, the Thanksgiving/Christmas crush is upon us. dec-4-bike-club-party-14 This is the time of year that causes many issues, mainly that I am sorely tempted by all the good food. dec-4-bike-club-party-21Ginger and I hosted the local Bike club party this year, she used it as an excuse to make me clean my workshop. The ‘ol shop did clean up well after a couple of days and we set up tables, had a ton of food and an evening of good laughs and tales of the road. This came just on the heels of Thanksgiving, we had gone and done family stuff so now I’m about 15lbs. behind on my training again. Earlier in the week I had a couple of clients come in for some fitting on their bikes. One of the riders was particularly challenging so I wanted to share some of that here. I hope that Carlos can endure the ridicule of his fellow racers. dec-4-carlos-overlay3 I’ve done an overlay here of the before [RED] and after [GREEN] photo’s. Carlos had several issues we addressed, he has a very similar back profile to Lance’s back and he races UCI legal for his seat setback. The right helmet choice will be a big deal here, I’m thinking a LG Rocket might be a good choice. Carlos is “thick” from weight lifting and still 10 -12 lbs. off from race season form. I moved his saddle back 3cm but worked with him on better hip rotation, the result is that he ended up more forward on the bike . I also moved his elbow pads forward for better leverage and narrowed them 8cm, this actually freed up his shoulders to help build more power. We did some work with cleat wedges for better  foot control and lowered the stem 3cm. In the pictures, his forearms look low in the front but to build the power we needed for his time goals, this is how it ended up. The front view was more impressive for Carlos but the road test was the main reward. Riders with this type of build are difficult to make look like a Euro TT specialist. No flat back here, just pretty good aero and great power.


~ by johncobbresearch on December 8, 2008.

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