A ray of hope

The Holiday season is always hard on schedules and diets. Because my diet generally includes everything I see, especially if  it’s desert based, this time of year is challenging.   I haven’t ridden my bike in almost a month, I’ve missed my bike, I enjoy the time with Cento, my Italian mistress. I’ve been swimming a good bit, running/shuffling a whole lot james-in-wetsuit2and seeing some small improvements. One of my training buddies, James has decided to do a triathlon, he only lacked a little swimming skill to be ready. He started going to the pool with us,  so I loaned him a wetsuit to try and get him more comfortable with the swim. I got some good laughs out of this but he has started to improve and I think he’ll be ready in about another month. It was about 70 degrees here today so I got out my bike and went for a ride. Amazing how that seat time is still very important, it was a little tinder just at the start but then life got better.  I rode pretty good, I think the running is really helping.  I’ve been working to set up my new business, Cobb Cycling. web-page-layout3This is mostly an internet based business initially selling my own design bicycle seats. I forgot what all was involved in starting something like this, it’s more fun to go train.  Well, the holidays are here, it’s impossible to keep a good schedule, I have a couple of days doing bike positioning next week,  so Merry Christmas to everyone and watch out for the candy man.


~ by johncobbresearch on December 19, 2008.

One Response to “A ray of hope”

  1. Hi John Cobb,
    I would like to see an Adamo type saddle with a narrower transition area where the Adamo “forks” meet the wider “platform” saddle area. An example of this is the profile triathlon saddle. Saddles present some of the most difficult design problems in biking. I look forward to seeing your solutions.
    Please send me information on your saddle when it becomes available.

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