Home again, back to training

I just got back from a very busy trip to Mexico.  Sergio Escutia had invited me to come to Mexico City to work with his son Sergio Jr. and several of the national track team riders. mexico-three-riders It was very interesting as I had not been to Mexico City before, there was much air polution, lot’s of people and traffic but also much good food in the evenings. mexico-down-track The track was just incredible, I have been to several U.S. tracks but nothing like this.  It is very fast, I would just love to be there with my GoKart for a few laps. The track is part of the national training facility where racers in all sports come to live for two years and train.  They attend classes during the mid day and train mornings and evenings. mexico-motorpace-groupOther sports like volleyball, swimming, track etc. are all taught there. The sports complex is located around the Grand Prix car track in the center of the city. They hold car races there almost every weekend.  During the week, the road teams and the runners use the track to train on, riding in Mexico City would be very difficult for the racers. During the track sessions, they use these mexico-daniaela-at-trackmotorcycles to pace the riders, they just fly around the track, very cool. The girl on the right is Daniela Gaxiola, she won a couple of Gold medals at the past Pan America games and hopes to have a great future. Her equipment was not to good, so I was very impressed with her racing skills, everyone felt like she has great Olympic potential, I plan to help her with some better equipment. After a couple of hard days at the track, I flew to Monterrey, I wanted to see what type manufacturing capabilities were there. I had a great host, Ra’ul, who carried me around and I was very impressed with the factories mexico-new-factory1 that I saw. There is not the “bicycle business” like in Taiwan or China but the right type of equipment is there, I plan to return soon and try to start a couple of projects. I ate some Goat in different styles, some incredibly hot peppers, some other things that I’m not sure what it was but generally, it was all good.   So, now it’s back to training, I’ve signed up for the 70.3 triathlon in NewOrleans in April so it headed toward crunch time for me on the training.


~ by johncobbresearch on January 10, 2009.

One Response to “Home again, back to training”

  1. 70.3?

    What’s up with that!? I may have to go to N.O. because that is something that has to be seen to be believed!

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