New Wave Technology

  I seem to be getting dragged into the new Century, somedays I think I kinda’ get all this new internet tech but then the sun sets and it all goes away. january-09-slot-carsI put in a pretty solid week trying to get my new -cobbcycling-  web site up and working, I’m sure that the programmers want to put a hit contract on me by now.  The site is up and mostly working, probably by the end of next week it will be 100% and I can move on to some type of technology I actually understand. As I was drownding in high tech, I went and raced my slot cars on Wednesday night.  It was soon very apparent that I was mentally tired, the ‘ol eye/finger coordination just was not there. january-09-wilier-on-trainer I was doing a positioning on a racer out of  New Orleans this week and he mentioned that it was only 11 weeks till the 70.3 race that I have signed up for.  I had not thought of it in that time frame so of course training panic is setting in.  I’m swimming about 4 days a week and am starting to feel pretty good about that part, I was running a good bit and I know that there is some work to be done there.  I also realised that I have only ridden my bike about 50 miles since November so that reality is hanging over my head.  I put Cento on the trainer, forgot how boring that is but got a quick reminder.  So, I’m digging out all of my cold weather stuff and I’m commiting to ride outside, I used to do that all year round but I’ve completely gotten out of that thinking.  11 weeks, now 10, is looming large but I’ll be there  and work to have a fun day.


~ by johncobbresearch on January 17, 2009.

2 Responses to “New Wave Technology”

  1. Oh yea boy, that is going to hurt, a lot, big guy. Come to a training camp at my joint for a couple weeks may be your only hope. I got a horse or two for you, a long pool and a big pond. and some steep hills to run on. Work seems to get in the way of training in my world so we need to all quit. Good job in Mexico dude. I heard you were a big hit. Aloha the Lost Hawaiian

  2. ha! I’m in the same mode of panic when it comes to the NOLA race and my lack of cycling…and swimming.


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