Training times getting short!!

Last week I was doing that positioning on the rider from New Orleans as he casually mentioned that there were just 10 weeks to go, a quick slap of reality. jan-23-leroi-on-trainerThe weather here has turned a little cool, so I discussed this with LeRoi. He voluntered to do some trainer duty for a few weeks to help with this, it serves as dual work, I get to modify more seats and decide what to do to get more comfort and I get some biker legs going.  My running program is way off, I’ve gotten busy and my milage is down to about 10 miles a week, I’ll get that going next week.  Last week I went to Houston to the Grand Opening of RPM Sports, a new testing and training business in the NASA area south of Houston. Gaye and Ronnie were great host, we fit several people, I had some good pictures too but I managed to delete them instead of send them to my e-mail. They have a very high tech facility and would be worth a visit if your in the Houston area. millers-new-look  My Lafeyette buddy Mark Miller sent me a picture of his new pimp ride, a Look 596 with one of my new VFlow Plus seats, the seat looks pretty good.  jan-23-new-poolThis week I have started swimming at a new pool here in town.  The YMCA has just redone their pool, converted it to saltwater and made it all nice. I have been getting this crazy skin rash from all the chlorine in the other pool so hopefully this will be better. The only problem with this pool is that they keep the water at a pleasant  85 degrees so you get a suana and a swim at the same time.  Swimming is just futile, every now and then you get a few laps where it’s all working, you feel the water rushing over you, then, suddenly you’re not doing your elbow right or something.  More laps is all I here for advice.jan-23-dirt-slot-cars  A fellow racer had to much time on his hands and decided to build a dirt oval slot car track to race on. He would come race with us and tell us all about his plans and we all said, oh yeah that might be fun…. well, he finally finished it so the rest of us had to go try it out.  Turns out it was fun, it’s fast and rowdy. It’s 6 lanes, the lanes all vary and pinch you off line, so you have to plot your passing very carefully. It’s not really dirt, it’s plywood that’s textured and painted well, it’s fast though and now we all have to build new “dirt cars”. Yes, racing of any type takes time and I may have to shelve the slot cars for a few weeks to get the traing back on track.


~ by johncobbresearch on January 28, 2009.

One Response to “Training times getting short!!”

  1. John! Tell LeRoi he’s living in America now–and not just America but Texas! His name is not LeRoi: It’s Leeroy!! 😉

    Hey, what kind of bottle holder is that on Mark Miller’s bike? I just got an X-Lab Carbon, so I’m “married” to that for the time being. (I searched for the Adamo one you said you designed but could not find it.)

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