The Rack

I’ve been familiar with terms like”Cadillac” and “chair”  and I had no problem associating one of those with torture. Now I have a better referencefeb-09-jc-at-paloties for just how fun these play toys can be.  I’ve been doing pilates for a few months now, I can almost touch my toes, I can do table tops and frogs and things I can’t remember the names of.  I have progressed to the level of being just mildly retarded so I suppose that is good.  My hottie instructor found a hole new arm/shoulder excersize for me this week, I seem to have a shoulder weakness that effects my swim stroke.  More suffering should solve some of this.  Last year a customer of mine wanted to get his wifeheather-diamond-frame1 a new bike and asked me to paint it for her. I had posted pictures on my Blog last year of the frame but as some of you remember, I lost all of that info.  It was Pink with flowers, it tuned out pretty nice.  A few weeks ago he called and thought he might need a new ride for this year and would I paint a frame for him, just turn my imagination loose. feb-09-paint-wall Painting a frame is a time consuming deal, I enjoy it so I still occasionally paint some. You have to sand the frame a lot, then sand it some more to get it very smooth. Then you pick out some colors.  We have about three walls of paint, every color imaginable, we have pearls, Ice crystals, diamond dust, flip flop paints, a lot of feb-09-diamond-frame-in-prep1 choices to make.  You get the frame into primer, a base dark color but in this case I wanted some of the carbon weave to bleed through so for this I used a clear base. Then you start putting on vinyl art shapes to for doing airbrush fades and for the different color layers. feb-09-diamond-frameIf the paint booth gods are smiling on you that day, the frame comes out very beautiful, then you just have to hope the customer likes it.   This frame would need to be seen out in the sun light for the Diamond dust crystals to really pop out at you,  it is very pretty. The training is going Ok, I rode LeRoi into submission on the trainer, HA HA,  he kicked my butt feb-09-jc-on-trainerjust to be sure I knew who was the boss. Swimming, running, biking, I do not know how people find the time to train for an Ironman, I have no goals to go that distance.   I have several fittings this coming week, I have a new gadget for that, I’ll try to take some pictures for next time.


~ by johncobbresearch on February 6, 2009.

One Response to “The Rack”

  1. That rack looks like torture to me! Can’t imagine how it will help with your swim. Maybe it is good training for those dolphin jumps?

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