Racing into shape

Over the years I have heard riders talk about racing into shape.  I have told aspiring racers to go out and race into shape, there’s nothing worse than having to take your own medicine.feb-10-run-start   Last weekend, Longview hosted their anual Freeze Your Fanny ride and run. The feb-10-bike-start1weather just could not have been better for this time of year, so I loaded up and went racing.  I ran a 5k first, it was so hilly, my was I suprised at that. I did manage to set a new, for recent times, PR for my 5k effort so I was happy about that.  After the run, I had about 15 minutes to get ready for the bike ride/race. Me and 800 of my closest friends took off on another very hilly and challenging ride. feb-10-disc-brake-tabs It turned into a challenging headwind for the last 15 miles but I did pretty well. Only 8 weeks till New Orleans so more biking will be needed.  I’ve been working on a new single speed bike, I’m using some aero tubing I had but decided to have a brake on it for around town riding. feb-10-disc-brake-from-sideIt’s coming along pretty slick, I notched the seat tube for the caliper and have the disc brake hidden in the bottom of the frame.  I’ve machined a disc out of stainless that will fit on the inside of the crank and with the chain ring on, everything is hidden. feb-10-disc-brake-from-topfeb-10-ginger-at-trackMy student welder buddy, Mike is helping with this and so the frame should be done in a few weeks.  After my stunning run success last weekend, I decided I needed more track work. feb-10-james-and-robertIt’s kind of sad that others have to be tricked into this  type of training with me, Ginger, James and Robert all had to endure my feb-10-jc-at-trackcomplaining, so after this it was off to the swimming pool.  Last week, my buddy Mark Miller came up to be fitted on his new bicycle.  He did a nice posting on his Blog, about the experience. He seems to write much better than me, I may have to sub-contract this out.


~ by johncobbresearch on February 10, 2009.

3 Responses to “Racing into shape”

  1. how could i schedule a bike fit? i live in new orleans. could you let me know when your next opening is?

  2. John, You must have been listening to my conversation with Carl at vicious cycles about my design of a disk brake on a fixed gear! You hit it right on the head. I look forward to seeing how it plays out. If you are looking for some paint work on the fixie let me know. You could even drop it off to me in New Orleans while you are here.


  3. Hey John, I did not realize that you still did paint work. I was not trying to be funny about paint on the fix gear. I will look for you when you are in for the 70.3 in NOLA and say hello.


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