Travelin’ Man

February, a good time to be sitting in front of the fireplace, sippin’ the hot chocolate.  Right…except that I’m deep  in the middle of training for this upcoming triathlon season. So what would you not want to do right in the middle of training,  take a week off to travel across the country, what else.  About every month I go out to the Slowtwitch camp in California feb-22-snow-at-campto teach a class on bike fitting. It was time, so I left the 70+ degrees of  Tyler and headed west,feb-22-retuel-fitting1 right into a snow storm and some 25 degree weather. Xantusia, Slowtwitch paradise, is located up in the SanGabriel mountains, east of  L.A.  It’s very pretty, no trees like East Texas, but still kind of pretty. I taught an eager bunch of students some of the finer points of how to make a rider fit on a bike better, we have a fancy Retul digital system at the camp to show new shops how that works. Personally, I think I have a much better system for when I position feb-22-spike-and-bedriders on bikes but at the camp we do use the Retul system to record joint angles and bike angles.  Did I mention that it was COLD, You’ve heard of  “three dog nights” well, these were definently one dog nights.  Spike was nice enough to share some bed space with me for a couple of nights, feb-22-mustangI guess I didn’t disturb him to badly. Dan has a couple of wild Mustang horses he has adopted, this white horse is pretty spirited, it only took 6 months to get a bridle on it. As always, the camp was a lot of fun, this time I quized all the hot shot coaches/racers there about my training, seems I need to train more. Speaking of training, I arrived back in Tyler just in time to hop in a car and drive to Houston on Friday.  I went to the Tri On the Run bike shop to meet with Kevin and Johnny Z. for a triathlon camp they had plannned.  We went to Galvestonfeb-22-galveston-beach and stayed at the lovely Moody Gardens for three days. You may recall that a Huricane came and visited Galveston last September, it turned out to be a not very pleasant house guest. From the reports we had, I didn’t know if there was even a Galveston left but happily, a lot of it was still there.  It was Mardi Gras weekend and they were having big parades every night, lot’s of people and lot’s of partying.  The beach is about four feet higher up on the sea wall than it used to be, feb-22-galveston-no-beachthey will have to do some dredging to solve this problem.  If you need a great deal on a used boat of any size or shape, Galveston is the place. There are many of them, many are still partially sunk or washed up in the middle of a parking lot, hundreds of feet from any water. Some of these boats landed in the strangest places, they are everywhere.  The camp was a lot of fun, we started off with a early morning swim in the Bay, real cold water, Zoot was there with a bunch of wetsuits for people to try for the swim. After that, we had a run session, about 25 people started out for a 6 – 8 mile run, there must have been some prize money I didn’t know about, the pace was crazy fast.  I was going to position all the riders that afternoon so I turned and did 3 miles, I was definently still tired from all my travels.  Saturday afternoon, the crew from Tri on the Run helped me and we succesfully fit about 15 riders by 7pm, it was a very busy afternoon.  Sunday morning we were set to do a 25 – 50 mile bike ride along the coast, it was 38 degrees and 25-30 mph winds.  Fortunantely for me, I slept right through that bike session, I woke up about 8:30, went to the Waffle House and didn’t feel one bit bad about that.  This week, I’m home all week, going to put in some miles and continue to work on that swimming.


~ by johncobbresearch on February 22, 2009.

4 Responses to “Travelin’ Man”

  1. Hi John,
    I wish I would’ve known Waffle House was the optional activity for Sunday morning! Despite the conditions, I had an amazing and enjoyable ride on Sunday! Really, I did! The adjustments you made to my bike fit worked out fabulously. Just wanted to say thanks again for working with us at the tri camp in Galveston; your talk and the work you did fitting everyone was my favorite part of the entire weekend. Good luck with your training and NO!
    Ingrid Hillhouse

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  3. sure wish you would tell us why you think your fitting system is superior to Retul?

    • The Retul sytem is nice but it only tells you numbers. It gives the person doing the “fitting” a lot of information tha can be used but it is still intirely up the the person to interpret the info and apply a correct fit. It does not account for rider “feel” or plot muscle firing points, it does not show power or heart rate changes, it does give very accurate joint angles in a full 3d view, along with some accurate guide lines on how to reproduce the final bike position. I believe I have a better “system” but I’m not in the system selling business. Retuel’s cost over $10,000.00 and that is a lot of money to me but they do lend some credibility to newer shops and bike fitters.

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