Miles and miles

It seems that with more training, it takes more confessing about your weaknesses. In my case that pretty much covers every area but for the next few weeks, it’s about swimming, biking and running. I earned my Mile Swim Merit badge when I was about 12, so I’ve always been sure that I was a good swimmer. I started breathing on just my left side for who knows why, many years ago and haven’t seen an issue with that, thus the confession. Last week, I was hounded into trying Bi-Lateral breathing, does the story about teaching old dogs new tricks, come to mind here. I haven’t drowned yet but there is a lot of work to do before I’m comfortable with all of that. gingers-birthday-cake Ginger had a birthday last week, it’s supposed to be better than watching the grass grow from the wrong side but I’m not sure I convinced her of that. I made her a no fat birthday cake! I made it out of paper after I had drawn flowers all over it, how sweet. feb-09-cento-setup My good buddy Kate is getting a new bike for this season, she’s going to ride a Cento Crono like mine.  It took several months for me to get Cento all happy, now she is the greatest bike I’ve ever had so far. She’s fast, she corners on rails, she sucks up the road bumps, everything you’d want from a hot Italian ride. I raised the Elbow pads just a little for some long distance comfort for the N.O. race but my short cranks and everything else is working great.  Oh, and how’s that running coming along you ask? Today I trudged out 9 miles and didn’t have to go to the hospital, so it’s getting better. I’ve started trying Salt tablets, it seems to be all the rage with people that speak nutrition.  I got some Salt Stick Caps and while not being quite as good as M&M’s they may have helped on the run today. I’m working up to the higher doses that people speak of, juries still out, these capsules are slightly larger than a football.  I also have been trying different Gu packs like Ciff Shots and Gu shots and Infinent squeezy’s and other things I would normally pass on.  I’m beginning to narrow down on the things I don’t gag on so there is more testing needed to be done. Did I mention that it was cold on my bike ride Saturday?


~ by johncobbresearch on March 1, 2009.

4 Responses to “Miles and miles”

  1. John,

    One thing I have learned over the years is that, when it comes to nutrition and fluids, less is more. Most people OD on these things and it leads to cramps, potty breaks, and what have you. I much prefer NUUN tablets that dissolve in water and make a nice drink, but even here, I am careful not to overdose.
    Training is what matters and only training prevents cramps and other nasties during the race. All the rest is advertising hoopla.

  2. Try the First Endurance EFS drink. Gives you carbs and electrolytes in one. The lemon-lime even tastes pretty good.

  3. Bilateral breathing is over rated. I like the First Endurance products too…and I have to buy them.

  4. First Endurance products are THE best (no, I’m not sponsored by them). They really, really, really are. Hammer Nutrition, I’d say, is next in line to First Endurance.

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