The $10.00 Solution

Kinda’ like a Sherlock Holmes story, I was having some issues with my biking. Fortunately, it wasn’t a seat problem or a bar problem for a change, this was another  problem that I have been battling for several years now but didn’t really notice.  It is all part of the ongoing learning curve, you put things on a priority list when you start riding a lot.  First you solve the seat issues, then aerobar comfort, once all that is working you finally have the time to really notice how irratating some other things can be. jc-on-trainer-at-cascadesI finished doing a two hour trainer ride this week, complete torture in itself and I got to thinking about why my neck didn’t seem to hurt as badly as when I do road rides.  Yes, I’m still a little “thicker” than your average pro triathlete but I still need to get lower in front  but I’d like to see where I’m going. I preach about the benefits of aero helmets regularly, I test helmets, I design helmets for other companies, I know helmets are very important for safety but I just do not like any of the current helmets for my triathlon riding. 1000-helmet-1 I’ve gone to several shops and tried on every brand on the market I believe, they all seemed to have the same issue for me. When I get on my aerobars, my neck rotates the helmet down over my eyes, I spend a good portion of my riding energy jacking around with my helmet, trying to get it so that I can see. I’ve adjusted it, cut on it, tilted, twisted and cursed it. I have an old Giro helmet, one of the very first ones that didn’t use a cloth cover. This particular helmet was given to me by Greg LeMond many years ago, so I decided to go ride with it. It was wonderful, no issues at all, I was closing in on my solution. Almost every new helmet has a retaining system now that adjust in the back to make the helmets more easily fit everyone.  This was started so that the riders would more likely have a properly adjusted helmet for better safety.  My problem is that the reaining system goes down on my neck and it will not allow the helmet to stay back out of my eyesight. So… I’m wandering around Walmart and decided to look at their helmets, they are a major brand and they are all CSPC approved. I spied one that had a retintion strap system like my old Giro, I put it on, I leaned over and got all aero with it, I liked it , I looked at it with my most crtical wind tunnel eyeball, I liked it even more.  I took the plunge and paid my $9.96 for the helmet and took it home. It weighs 260 gr. my pretty new Giro weighs 306gr. hmmm… I took it out for a ride today, looks like I’m going to do a triathlon with it on the 14th, it was very comfy to me. cascades-lake  This is not a helmet that I would do a road race with and definently not a helmet I would do a Crit. with but it instantly solved about four other problems for me. It’s not the coolest looking thing but I don’t care, I could see down the road and I could forget about that thing clinging to my head.big-foot-truck  This is a semi private lake that we do trail runs around, we plan to start our open water swims there in a few weeks or when the water get’s more tolerable. It’s a spring fed lake so we hope that this summer it won’t get as hot as some of the other lakes.   I was going down the street and saw this display Monster truck at a local tire store. These things are really huge, I watch them on TV sometimes and I was impressed by the size when I got up close and personal.   I had another hard week of training, I went to a Chiropractor after a lot of ragging by my training podner, over a sore shoulder. The Doc decided I had weak Glutes, he even gave me a rather disgusting display of how weak they were. It seemed I had no choice but to do some lunges, these are excersizes I often prescibe to racers but have personally, carefully avoided.  Sore butt and Hamstrings would be putting that mildly, I suppose that more running will even all that out.


~ by johncobbresearch on March 7, 2009.

6 Responses to “The $10.00 Solution”

  1. Nice helmet buddy,does it keep sodas cold too, or is there actually a hole in it?

  2. we need pictures of ur weak glutes
    now that would get ur palatties’s ladies talking

  3. Made me proud to see your add on – thanks again for all the help.

  4. John: Why not create an nomal aero-helmet as a “shell” in that it lays on one’s back…have a rotating inter skill-cap that is chin strapped and has to hinge points for the outer shell to rotate from….that way you look down and not move the tail of the helment up. Put you twin on it John….not that your plate is not full !!!

  5. Hey, I had the same problem, and like you, suffered with it for a couple years before it dawned on me that I shouldn’t htfu thru everything! I got the LG Avant. Wrote about it here:

  6. Dude, that effin’ truck ROCKS! We have a lot of people drivin’ those around here in Oklahoma. LOL

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