Racing time

As some of you may know, I have a 70.3 tri coming up in April, so I decided to do a pre race tune up before then.  There is a local triathlon called “Athens” that was having it’s 24th year of racing so I chose it.  This race kinda’ kicks off the season around here and hundreds of eager triathletes show up to do it.  The race sarts single file, a swimmer goes in the pool every 10 seconds so you have no idea who you are racing or how it’s going till it’s all over.  athens-tri-ginger-james-and-jcIt was a cold 39 degrees, raining and windy, just the type of day to go for a  ride and a run. I went to treat this as a good training day, I took several extra minutes in transition to athens-tri-jc-at-finishdress for the weather and I’m very happy that I did. I had a great race, swam well, rode well and ran the 5k like I knew what I was doing. athen-race-cento-as-raced My new deluxe $10.00 helmet was fantastic, my short cranks helped with my run transition and I think I’m closing in on my race nutrition plan.  I had Cento all dressed up in her racing outfit, she was fast and sweet, this week she and I are going to put in some long miles before N.O.  One of the great things about doing triathlons is getting new people involved in the sport. My victim for this season was James Hughes,  my often times training buddy who should have known better. 60 days ago, James couldn’t swimathens-tri-james-at-finish, James had just started trying to run a month before that, James turned 70 this year and James finished his first TRIATHLON Saturday, I was very happy for him. athens-tri-pete-miller Another earlier victim of mine was also at this race,  I had convinced Pete Miller, 75 yrs. young and still going strong, to try some multi sport events about 15 years ago. Sadly, he straight up beat me on the 5k so I still have some work to do there.

I don’t often show pictures of my garage so athens-tri-my-carsI thought I would share a picture of my car line up…..right. I was at a meeting last week and a friend of mine did show me his car lineup, I’m still green with envy. I did build new-bike-workbencha new work area in MY shop this week.  I have a lot of bicycle stuff, tools , jigs, things I’ve forgotten about, so I cleared out a wall section and built a bench just for bikes. It’s kinda’ nice to see it all organized and pretty. I have a couple of hard training weeks to put in, I’ll be in California at the FISTApalooza event held at the Slowtwitch camp next weekend, lot’s of Bar B Que and racer talk, should be interesting.


~ by johncobbresearch on March 15, 2009.

4 Responses to “Racing time”

  1. Do you still have the Packard?

  2. John Cobb is the most knowledgeable person I’ve ever met as far as aerodynamics and positioning is concerned.

  3. Now THAT is a truing stand! Hey can I have that 200 BR blank behind the bench???? Good luck on your N.O. race – kick daves ass.

  4. How does new Flow compare to Adamo seat?

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