The Big Easy….maybe not

new-orleans-jc-at-swim-startSome of you may have read some of my whinning about training and all the suffering that goes with that lately, well it was finally race day in New Orleans so off I went. This may get a little long but so did my race, like all races, it was fun a couple of days later. Me and about 3500 of my closest friends showed up in  New Orleans to new-orleans-transitionhave a triathlon, the event started out at Lake Ponchatran and wound up smack in the middle of the French Quarters at Jackson Square.  The transition area was the largest one I’ve seen outside of the Chicago race [17,000 racers] it went on forever. I did the swim and was very happy to see that I was within 10 seconds of my time goal and the swim was reported as 100+ yds. long. I should have known better but I was feeling real good so I hoped on the bike and joined in the crowds.  At the first water exchange they announced that there was no more water, a recurring theme for the rest of my event. A girl turned around with a bottle she found, saying “last bottle”. I reached for it, didn’t unclip my foot and dumped myself right in front of many oncoming racers looking for water.  But, I got the water and pressed on. Later, we all made a turn and hit a 25 – 30mph headwind that just killed me. When I finally arrived back at the transition, I was beat, skint up and my feet felt funny. I started the run, I was ready for this, been trainin’ and all, so off I go. About mile 3/4 I realised that I had a serious foot issue, I had developed a huge blister on the balls of both feet right up to my toes and it started hurting.   So I decided to walk the rest of the way, new-orleans-jc-at-finishexcept that there was no water left on the run course.  I found a discarded bottle and filled it up in someones front yard, I continued to do this the rest of the way. It was a long walk but I wasn’t alone, I made several new aquaintances, all with crazy stories and dismay, as we moved steadily toward the finish. You know how you have those dreams where you’re running up some stairs but you just never get there? that was about how the last 2 miles felt, it was hot, I was  My training podna’ Robert was also doing the race, he cruised in with a great effort for his first Half,new-orleans-finish-line  maybe not quite as talkative as normal but…we all finished right in the Quarters by the French Market. It was packed with tourist who just couldn’t figure all this out, racers were laying on every curb, hot, humid weather and no water had taken a good  I think we had fun, I suppose I’ll do another race someday….no, I’ve come a long way to get some fitness back so it’s back to running, bikin’ and swimmin’ this week, besides, Robert needs lot’s of guidance. 

Earlier in the week, I had gone back out to California for the April FIST camp. While I was there, I met with my buddy Kate Major in SanDiego.kate-with-wilier-april-09  She had just returned from Austrailia and was getting her new Wilier bike for the Tri season.  Kate is riding my new VFlow saddle so I went to get her all positioned correctly on the bike.  She also did the New Orleans race but seemed to have had a better day than I did. jordan-rapp-with-vflow-april-09  While at the camp, my fellow instructor, Jordan Rapp aka RappStar was trying out my new saddle. Seems his new fiance’ really liked it and now Jordan was going to give it a try.  I think I have a pretty easy April ahead of me, a little resting and a lot of training, it never ends.


~ by johncobbresearch on April 8, 2009.

5 Responses to “The Big Easy….maybe not”

  1. Dude, glad to hear you are off life support. Did you qualify for Hawaii? Next time you need a few more brownies and a couple Diet Cokes instead of that no water stuff. I really thought you were smarter than that. Oh well, hope Ginger girl had a good time.

  2. Well, Lost Hawaiian, maybe if’n he’d popped into those little convenience stores along the way and bought beer, (like you and I used to do), he’d kept his fluid levels and carb’s up!!!

  3. Did you wear your new $10.00 helmet?

  4. Teddy teddy Teddy, I thought I was way lost, but Arknsaus is way loster than me. Got to give it to Big John, at least he put his toe on the line. Nobody home but us chickens at my house, cluck cluck cluck

  5. Way to go on scrounging for water, tho I am completely appalled to hear that they ran out of water this race. Shame on the race director! Did they not learn anytyhing from the Chicago Marathon fiasco? You deserve two medals for finishing that one!

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