On the road again to Louisiana

The scheduling happened to have worked out well for a trip this past week, I was still recovering from my racing and needed some forced down time. I went toapril-17th-stacy-and-silvia-crew1 Alexandria, La. to work with Stacy McMickens and Team S3 training. Team S3 does coaching for kids and adults in all sports and they have a lot of interesting programs going on. I was teaching Stacy the ins and outs of bike positioning for a couple of days, we had about 12 riders come through as Guinea pigs as Stacy learned more about bike fits. This was a sweet deal for me, I had two hottie girls doing the mechanicing while I thought up things to try. Silvia, the long haired girl in the picture, is a pretty good wrench, so that helped keep everything moving along. april-17th-red-river-cycles We did all of this at a shop there in town called Red River Cycles, it’s been there about 20 years and Mike has always done a great job for the cyclist in that area.  

    Just a few hundred feet from my house is a real pretty horse farm,  we ride and run by there almost daily and it’s always fun to keep up april-17th-new-big-horsethe different horses, we are in Texas after all. Last week this huge new horse showed up, I came up to just the top of his shoulders, most of the horses at this ranch are for Barrel racing and are much smaller.  Then, on Tuesday, there april-17th-new-coltwas a new baby horse that showed up over night. It was just 1 day old when I took this picture and was still pretty wobbly.

   I put a 38 tooth inner chain ring on Cento to try out, I just neede a little more gear on some of the biggest hills around here. We went and did a 40 mile torture hill ride today [Friday] before the rains set in and I’d say the gear change was very successful.  I didn’t want to go back to my compact cranks but on “Killer Hill” our local 13% grade climb, my new front gear  seemed to have made enough difference to effect the outcome in a good way.  it’s back to running this week, my huge feet blisters have healed and I got some new shoes while in Alexandria this week. I went by the Run Wild running shoe store which is owned by Elizabeth and Dan Cassano, some old time customers of mine. They helped me pick out some new shoes and these cool new socks that are made for specific right or left feet. I used them this morning and I had magic feet, still a little slow but very comfy.


~ by johncobbresearch on April 17, 2009.

One Response to “On the road again to Louisiana”

  1. Hey John and Gin,

    Thanks for the Flow Saddles. They are a great addition to my rider analysis and positioning services (www.velosmart.com). My clients love both models.

    John, you and I need to talk in the near future. I’m currently writing a book (The Pain Free Cyclist). Although, the basic concept addresses self treatment for pelvic alignment issues and positioning principles, I want to have your comments regarding aerodynamics, performance, and comfort.

    Yours in Cycling and Fun,
    P.S. I live on a horse farm in the middle of North Carolina Horse Country in Southern Pines. You are welcome to hang out and train with me in this great location of the world… Best to you and yours.

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