A rainy Saturday

It was back to training this week, oh and I had to work some during this time. I’ve continued to swim, started back running as now my feet have heeled up and put in a bunch of bike miles. april-25-enduro-kart Today we were going to do a pretty long bike, then run for an hour afterwards. I woke up to thunder storms and heavy rain so I’ve postponed my ride /run till Sunday. So, I had some spare time and I had heard through the grapevine that there were going to be some big time Go Kart races about 30 minutes from here. april-25-gear-box-start Back in 1972, a fellow racer named Jack Reed had a vision for a race track in Henderson, Tx. I would go drive a tractor or grader and Jack and others would put down asphalt, we built Oak Hill raceway and it’s still being used today. It is primarily used for Karts, it’s 2.1 miles long but they also hold motorcycle races there. Many great names in Motorcycle racing have gotten their start there. I haven’t been to an Enduro race in more than 6 years, so it was interesting to see the changes. The Kart at the top is a “Laydown” kart, they’re fast, 110 – 120mph. The younger kids mostly run “Shifter” Karts which are about the same speed but require more involvment for the shifting of gears etc. a great stepping stone to real car racing.april-25-gear-box-karts  It’s still a very family oriented sport and I had a great time.  I ran into some of my old racing buddies from way back, it was good to catch up on the sport.

I built a new seat bracket for Cento last week, april-25-cento-seat-partthey designed this multi adjustable sleeve that holds the seat rails but I decided it was too narrow. It was about 7mm narrower than a standard seat post and this seemed to bow my saddle giving it a steep arc across the back. It only took3 hours to fabricate up a new piece, I’m going to ride it tomorrow and if all goes well I’ll send some drawings off to Wilier and get a production change made. april-25-wood-pecker-in-tree

This is a not very good picture of my Red Headed Wood Pecker that feeds in my backyard.  I touched it up a little to make it more clear. A friend of mine thinks it’s a Hummingbird but no, it’s a Wood Pecker.  I have a bunch of birds hanging around, the Squirrels and Crows seem to be at the top of the pecking order.   I have a teaching trip to the April Slowtwitch FIST school  next week, but I’ll sneak in as much training as possible, the 70.3 in Kansas is just about 7 weeks away so I need to get in more miles.


~ by johncobbresearch on April 25, 2009.

2 Responses to “A rainy Saturday”

  1. Hey, I saw that same bird in my backyard here in Chapel Hill. You should come to North Carolina sometime! BTW, a friend of mine from Charlotte ordered your saddle and loves it, too! Happy training!

  2. Thanks for being observant (my tire). I put on new tubes and tires last night.

    Billy Wilson

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