The search continues

   It used to be pretty simple as I recall, you went down and bought some Adidas Roms [green or blue stripes] and went running. may-2-shoes Yeah, not like that anymore it seems.  Some of you may recall that I went to Nawlins’  to do a triathlon, got my feet trashed and I wasn’t able to run for several days. Leading up to that race I had tried may-2-shoes-in-storageseveral shoes over the last year. Something was never quite right, a blister here, a toe nail there, I just couldn’t feel the love my feet needed.  My left foot seems to have developed a lower arch, not quite flat but definently fallen, this seems to continually lead to a blister at the front of my arch behind the ball of my foot.  I’ve gone to several very helpful people, I’ve got some of those really cool new socks that are specifically for the right or left foot, I’ve gone to a lot larger size shoe than I ever dreamed I might wear but I still am suffering with left foot drama. I went to our local running store yesterday looking for a new running top and got into a discussion with young Edward the shoe guy. may-2-new-shoes I told him my tale of woe so he went and consulted the resident expert, came back and said  I needed a Brooks Beast. Excellent choice I said but I had a pair that were 3 weeks old and they didn’t work out. More consultation, oh, you need a Mizuno *&%%^ or New Balance 9000, because of the superior stability,  nope, got those about a month ago and finally healed up. Everybody continues to suggest these “stability” shoes, so I asked to try a pair with Zero stability, like old school regular shoes. Young Edward said that they had plenty but generally “older runners” didn’t use them, Edwards tip was going away fast. Well, I got some and will run in them first thing Monday morning, I also found a new pair of double layer socks, and old favorite of mine. I only have 5 weeks till my Kansas 70.3 race so crunch time [literally] is getting here soon. hawk-and-squirrel

  My training buddy Robert was running along the other day and right by him, this Red Tailed Hawk swooped down and killed a Squirrel. That was kinda’ cool but the Hawk was very serious about getting it’s fresh kill and didn’t seem to worried about the humans that were around. Bad for the Squirrel but that is how life plays out in the real world.   Last week I went to California for my last  Slowtwitch FIST Camp of the summer. There were several pro triathletes there, getting ready to go to the Wildflower triathlon event. Borjn Anderson has been staying at Dan’s for several months and has been riding well, he ended up being first off the bike at Wildflower with a blistering pace.  Jordan Rapp, who also teaches with me at the camps, came off the bike in second and finished fourth overall in Pro Men, I probably would have won it but I didn’t have my lucky shoes with me.


~ by johncobbresearch on May 3, 2009.

3 Responses to “The search continues”

  1. I had trouble with shoes. Then I went to the New Balance store and they put my feet on a computer gizmo that recommended a type of shoe and an insole. I had been told I needed a stability shoe by a human, but the computer said I need a neutral shoe. I did buy the computer recommended insert and they have been the best thing since aerobars. Check out anyone who sell Aetrex inserts.

  2. I have been arguing for years that people need to buy “neutral shoes.” All the gizmos that companies put in shoes to correct a stance generally do nothing more than make things worse, and make your feet weak in the process.

    People tend to forget that a static correction may not work so well once you start moving. I have been wearing neutral shoes for several years now despite a pretty bad alignment problem that was quite visible when you looked at my stance and how my shoes wore out.

    What I have found, much to my surprise is that by simply running more, my stance has improved, my injuries have gone away and even the wear pattern on my shoes is far less obvious now. I posted some pictures on my blog (go4distance). and you can see for yourself.

  3. On your blister situation. There is a product called Blister Shield. Very simple product, cornstarch and microlized wax to get cornstarch to stick to your feet. It usually solves the unsolvable blister issues

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