Road life

Ahhh, the open road, cruising the highways and byways, just going along listening to the music, except that I really needed to be training. We went over to the Gulf Coast Triathlon inPanama City Beach, Florida last weekend, set up an expo booth and talked to my people. I haven’t done an expo in awhile so it was an interesting event, it’s some long hours combined with some tired feet. May 9 expo booth  I had a great time though, I got to visit with many of my old customers and do some catching up andI got to look around at some new things that are out on the market.  Now that I’m back to racing and training, I’ve become a consumer, I’ve always had a shop in the past so I haven’t given that much thought. Now, I get to look at all the different brands of jerseys and shorts, read about the hundreds of different types of nutrition supplements, look at the latest/greatest new frame,wheel,tire,helmet,power meter,shoes etc. and marvel at their greatness.  Unfortunately, you still have to pedal the bike and do the run.May 9 stud miller My buddy Mark “stud” Miller was there doing the race and he happily gave me a hand in setting up this young rider, we sold a lot of saddles and helped make several riders a lot more comfortable.

May 9 woodpecker   I really do not have a big thing for Woodpeckers but this friend of mine seems to doubt that I have them trained so well.  They won’t quite eat out my hand yet but I’m continuing to work on that.  My other birds are all doing well, the squirels, crows and Mockingbirds seem to stay at odds with each other.

May 9 max seatI got in the first samples of my new Max seat and I’ve been putting a few miles on it. Some of you will be pretty happy with me over this seat. I continue to say that there is no perfect bike seat but I’m sure this is a step in the right direction. I ride mostly in tri shorts with not much padding and even this seems to work pretty well. I think this is more of a “guy” seat but I won’t know until I get a few girls to give it a try.   I have another new seat in that is a hard core, 170gr. racer seat, it’s not for the people that are looking for a cushy ride,  amazingly though, it doesn’t feel to bad.


~ by johncobbresearch on May 11, 2009.

2 Responses to “Road life”

  1. John,
    Long time, no see. Glad you’re doing well. Buddy of mine just got a V-Flow Plus and loves it. I was just wondering when that new race saddle is coming out.

    John Noblin
    Jackson, MS

  2. I am currently riding the V-Flow Plus. It’s OK but I’m not totally loving it. It’s just a bit wide…just a little bit. If you want a female tester for the MAX I’d be happy to volunteer. 😉 I tried the Adamo a few years back…too wide. The MAX looks “interesting”.

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