Taking my own medicine

This past week was pretty fun filled, I had to do a 12 mile run on one of the days to get ready for the weekend.  I put it off as long as possible but on Friday it was time to put on the shoes.  As a note, my current shoes, Asics Nimbus’s, combined with my double layer socks are just great, no blisters, no hot spots, they feel cushy.  I started early, accompanied by training partner Robert, I had all my nutrition planed out and picked a nice comfy pace. Things were going well and around mile 9 we ran past this gentleman on the  running path and casually said “Hi” and didn’t give it much thought.  We turned around to do our final loop about a quarter of a mile later and as we came up to the older guy, he flagged us down,  I was easily persuaded to stop at that point .  So picture this, here’s a guy wearing some old Dickie overalls, over a plaid shirt, looking a little scruffy, in hunting boots  and making me look skinny. I chugged to a stop and he says to me “I bet yo’ left butt cheek hurts when your run” you know you drag yo’ left foot and you need a lift in dat’ shoe around the heel an’ just to tha’ arch a little…..saddly, all of this was true. Except that I’m breathing hard and still had 3 miles to go, that was real interesting. So I said something like ” your right about the pain in the butt”  but I was pointing at Robert  and said thanks and went back to running.  My plan was to search this fellow out on my return trip and speak with him more but I never saw him again. For some of you who I have fit on the bike, you know some of this story. For years I have been watching people walk and ride and I can adjust you and build widgets that generally fix all types of problems. very often, people will just be dumbfounded as I tell them about issues that they have and how that effects their performance. Having it done to me, out of the blue by a total stranger was very interesting indeed. I hope to run intoMay 17 jc uphill this fellow again, I’ll take the time for a long chat next time.

  Sunday, we were going to ride 60 miles over some very hilly terrain to help get ready for the Kansas 70.3. A good plan except that it was raining and 53 degrees, the good news was that sunburn wasn’t an issue. I’m not sure who is the bigger fool but Robert and I started out on the ride, days like this are when having a training partner is fairly essential,  pancakes would have easily won out on this morning if it had been up to me. We did good though, it was a pretty tough course and we finished in 3 1/2 hrs including a couple of quick refuel breaks. ay 17 dirt slot cars

My ride went so well that I decided to go race my slot cars on Sunday afternoon.   We were racing on the local “dirt track”, a wood oval with 6 lanes painted to resemble dirt. It’s usually fun and I usually do pretty good but today it seems that the bike ride took a little toll on me. When they found me with my head buried in my toolbox… asleep,  I think that gave it away that I was tired. My car/finger skills were non exsistant so after embarrasing myself  in the stock car class I went home.

  I have a couple of days at the A&M windtunnel scheduled this week.  I’ll be testing several riders and maybe be doing a frame test with 8-10 top tri frames, that should be interesting.


~ by johncobbresearch on May 17, 2009.

One Response to “Taking my own medicine”

  1. Amazing story about the phantom fit coach. Will you be testing water bottles and placement also? How about a test of Aero bottles (like the arundel or bontrager) vs the Rocket Science Dimpled bottle?

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