A fun week

Last week I got to spend a few days at the A&M wind tunnel, those are hard days but usually fun when they are over. May 22 Hotta wind tunnelThrough some lucky circumstances, I was able to round up a Hotta TT bike that was in primo shape, along with aMay 22 Zipp at tunnel Zipp 2001 TT bike. Many of you newer racers will not know about these particular bikes but the Hotta was the “Holy Grail” of TT bikes for years, the Zipp was a top choice at the time also. I thought it might be interesting to compare these two bikes to the new crop of TT bikes, I had not seen a Hotta in years and so I had some good fun looking these over. To make it more intersting, I rounded up 10 -12 of the current fastest frames May 22 P4 at  tunnelto compare these bikes to, at the time, the Hotta or the Zipp would have been comparable to the P4 of today. Some of you sharp eyed readers will notice that the forks are backwards on th Zipp and the Hotta, we used to do this all the time to make the bikes more stable at speed, this still helps today but is more difficult to do with most of the newer frame shapes. May 22 rider with hands high

  I’ve been working for over a year on how to know when to recommend to a rider that the “hands high” position might work. I’ve tested many riders of different shapes  to develop a good working knowledge base, I still will say for certain, that if there is any doubt, keep the lower hand height because when high hands don’t work, they really, really don’t work.  When high hands work however, they are faster by a bunch.may 22 dress shop

I’ve also been working on a new clothing project for the last couple of weeks, a little out of my ordinary range, welding just didn’t seem to work for this project. I was going around to alteration shops and cloth stores and sewing centers trying to find sombody to help me, I finally stumbled into this Latino Bridal shop, it was awkward at first.  They had some really beautiful dresses there and I finally got to Maria, my girl, my seamstress, my newest R&D helper, to understand what I wanted, more important, she agreed to actually help me.  It should be interesting to see how this works out, I told Maria I wanted some of the fancy little sequined flower things on my project.May 22 off to train

It’s just 3 weeks until the Kansas 70.3 race, I’m getting much closer to feeling good about this.  Last week I ran 12, rode 60 the next day, swam a bunch and ran another 12 two days later. So today it was time to ride / run, it started raining early but it was 65 degrees so off we went.  We rode 40, ran for 30 minutes off the bike and went directly to the Dairy Queen for a victory celebration.  Next week, more swimming and running.


~ by johncobbresearch on May 24, 2009.

14 Responses to “A fun week”

  1. Is the Hotta as aero as the Scott or P4? Weight differences?

    • i dont know about the rest but i do own a hotta tt700 and the frame weights just less than 1400 grams with fresh paint, size 54

      i would say that it pretty darn good

  2. so, what was the result of the wind tunnel testing? inquiring minds want to know!!!

  3. You always leave us wanting more information. I think you once indicated that hands high did not work so well with big shoulder/big armed riders. Still seem accurate? Is it readily apparent to the rider after a series of rides whether hands high works or not? Would a series of roll down tests, etc., show if it worked or not? David K

  4. any chance of a hint of the drag delta of the Hotta vs P4?
    (tt700 owner!)

  5. John,
    Please let us know how the oldies compare to the new hotties!

  6. As an owner of a HOTTA, I am also cursious to hear about the results in the wind tunnel!

  7. Please do share the data. Maybe this topic can partially be settled once and for all.

  8. John,
    Wanted to get your opinion on Jet Stream forks.
    As my times continue to improve at time trials it is now coming down to seconds. Trying to shave seconds now by changing equipment. I switched to a negative angle fork and that improved my position and increased my speed at my FTP.
    I was reading about the Oval Jet Stream forks as a teammate has them and swears by them. But I could not find any research articles on the web nor could I find any discussion on bicycle forums.
    Is it for real or just a marketing gimmick. They are pricy and wanted to get feedback before buying them.

  9. John, I still have my Lotus TT bike. If you want to add it to your tests sometime, let me know. I would have loved to see how it does against the Zipp, Hotta and the newer bikes.

    It gets pretty windy here on the East coast of Florida, and the Lotus rules in the wind.

  10. Hi John,
    I was wondering if there will also be included in the article a Titanflex; which is the only remaining beam bike produced for triathletes (I know there is that german bike total eclipse, but it is not really a tri bike). I have read old posts which say that the titan flex tested about as well as a softride when you add an aero seatpost (when doing testing for Trek/Lance); but I have did not read what model or any other information. Anyway, I was just trying to find if there would be any data coming in that article about the Titanflex. Thanks for your blog, it is very informative.

    Stephen J

  11. The P4 pictured has a shorter stack, deeper wheels, integrated fork and more aerodynamic bars…hardly equal components to make a frame comparison to the Zipp or the Hotta meaningful. It would be interesting to have used the same components on all three frames.

  12. My re-furbished HOTTA TT700 weighs in at 18lbs with HED 3 spoke wheels, Zipp carbon crank and new Easton aero fork. Sweet ride and have had my best summer ever in multi-sport racing – top bike splits in nearly every race (not to mention turning heads everywhere with the HOTTA!)

  13. I also used to own a Hotta. At the time I sold mine I had “Sweet” cranks on it which is what it looks like is on the bike in the picture. Makes me wonder if that is my old bike. I had a Hotta fork on mine but, seem to remember a recall on those.
    Those cranks were ahead of the times for those days.

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