More training

As I reflect back on the week, it was kind of boring, I ran more, swam more and rode more. June 1st skip ropeBut then I really thought about all the special fun I had been having at Puloties or palotes or weekly torture. When I was much, much younger, I could do the jump rope with no problem, my how things have changed. I’m like a total retard with this rope, I can go about a minute then my feet seem permanently attached to the floor. june 1st pulotes teachersThe only glimmer of a bright spot is that my teachers are hot,  er.. patient and give me lots of encouragement.  I decided to trade some cycling time for Pilates time, to build some core strength and flexibility. I’ve got about 6 months invested in this and I do have pretty good core now, it seems to really help on the run.

  Speaking of the run, next week is the 70.3 in Kansas, a fun filled day for sure. I think I am much better prepaired than I was in New Orleans but my only goal is to finish on the right day, oh and kick Kate Majors butt if she was brave enough to take my challenge.

  I had several people ask me about the Hotta and Zipp bike results vs the new dogs on the block.  I’m writing an article for Triathlete Magazine so you’ll have to wait but I will say that the Zipp was a little more aero than the Hotta and they were both just above mid pac for all the other frames. It was cool to look at these older frames and get to test them against some new frames, those old bikes did pretty good.  Here’s a tid bit for you though, the new double big aero front bottle  might not be such a good choice but the venerable Bento box seems to still work pretty good.


~ by johncobbresearch on June 3, 2009.

3 Responses to “More training”

  1. Really looking forward to your article in Triathlete Magazine. I saw an old Zipp bike at a sprint tri the other weekend. Beautiful machine to see.

    Enjoy your taper for 70.3 Kansas and have a great race.

    • From the photos, it looks like you tested the bikes without riders. My recollection of the zipp aerodynamics is that it really shined whith a rider on board, as it allowed flow between the riders legs, relieving the low pressure area that formed behind the rider better than a standard tubed bicycle (non beam). If this is correct, then would the zipp not possibly still be moved up a little in the ranks of what was tested when you take riders into account?

  2. See you in Kansas. Good Luck.

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