Racing Time

Racing is a sickness with no known cure. Once the racing devil gets a grip on you, it doesn’t really matter what the competition is, it’s just the June 12 slot carschallenge of going against another racer.  Last Sunday we had our “Summer Shoot Out” race on the Dirt oval, lot’s of cars and serious racers. I’ve been training a lot and haven’t attended many of the races lately but they changed the format for this race, it was “open/ unlimited” oh yeah, no rules… I just couldn’t pass that up so after my Sunday Morning run I loaded up a new car I built just for this occasion.  I can easily get carried away with creative thinking when there are no rules, I showed up, ran a couple of practice laps and all things were aligned in the universe. Not to good for the other racers though, I’ll be humble and just say that I won by a big margin. June 12 new camero

My training buddy Robert just got this new Camero, it’s a Black SS hot rod. I went to see it but sadly, it had lost it’s wheels and tires. It was kind of funny but it turns out that he had sent them out to be powder coated Black so the wheels showed up later that afternoon. June 12 Cento ready to race Getting it all blacked out, wheels, windows, lights, badges etc. is called “having it murdered”.

My Kansas 70.3 race is just a couple of days away, I am psycho, I can’t leave anything alone, you can’t fit yourself on a bike and you’re never as aero as your mind wants you to be.   All that being said, I decided that Cento and I were getting a divorce, I just wasn’t comfortable as I wanted. My neck starts hurting about mile 40 and by mile 60 I am suffering and that just won’t do.  I knew the cure but the pill was to big to swallow, I needed to raise my bars higher so that I could see down the road more easily. Normally, raising the bars is no big deal but when I designed Cento, I gave her a short head tube so all the skinny Pros could get low and fast. My option was to put on this stem that angles up to the sun, I am embarrased but it was the cure.  I stripped Cento down to the bare frame and had started building up another bike, I have about 10 frames around so I measured and studied all types of cures. My problem is that Cento is fast, she flies down hills and rides so well, I finally decided to just put on the wretched hi rise stem and go be a racer.   I hope Kansas goes well, I’m better prepared than in New Orleans but things can still go ugly, quickly in a triathlon.  I have a friend whom I have never met named Carol Scheible, She just finished the Rev 3 Tri up on the East coast.  She has this great Blog that I read and her story is that she’s lost a bunch of weight, quit smoking, changed her life, learned to swim and last weekend she went and posted a very respectable race time. I doubt that I’ll be able to finish faster than Carol but her story somehow has inspired me to try and push the pace a little harder. It’s that racing sickness showing it’s ugly head again.


~ by johncobbresearch on June 9, 2009.

7 Responses to “Racing Time”

  1. no aero bottle on cento?

  2. Good luck John! Hope you do well this weekend!

  3. Cento is my favorite color, how long is that top tube on her? Extra bikes around the house huh? Hmmm. Wishing you well in KC this weekend big guy. I heard they had BBQ almost as good as your cuz ‘s joint in KC town. We be looking at the results as soon as they are posted. Aloha

  4. don’t let your equipment choices interfere with proper bike fit. One of the lessons learned at FIST. Kick so buttie and have fun at KS 70.3

  5. Just got done with the same conversation, but not nearly as well. Thanks John.

  6. Is your friend sure you didn’t just jack up the car and take the wheels?

    Hope you did well in KC.

  7. No aero bottle on the centro seat tube? Should I put an aero bottle (bontrager speed bottle) on my already aero soloist?

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