Dorthy’s backyard

    Kansas, low rolling hills and soft winds…just not at where I was. I stumbled my way to Lawance Kansas to do the 70.3 triathlon, this was the best organized, with the best volunteeres,  race I’ve been to in a looong time. I’m afraid this Blog entry may ramble a little, so hang with me, it was a busy few days. Kansas 70.3 pip taylor

  I started this adventure by getting to meet Young Pip Taylor, a Pro Triathlete from Austrailia.  She and her husband Justin had moved to Lawrance this year for training, she was having seat “issues” and I had sent her one of my saddles.  I got together with her on Thursday at this beautiful shop called Sunflower Cycles, to look at her position. I felt I could improve it a good bit so I talked her into making several major changes just two days before a very important race.   I was sure that I had a shot at beating her anyway but why not just change her all up for some fun. I want go into all the gory details now but she loved the new position, used it in the race and did finish second,  just barely edging me out.  I was very proud of Pip and I’m sure glad that it all worked out well.Kansas 70.3 registration line

Saturday came and it was off to register and check in the bikes, it was a long, hot line. There was a great expo but you had to walk about a mile and a half [really] to check in the bikes, the feet were getting tired.Kansas 70.3 run hill Going to the bike you got towalk down this hill that we got to run up twice during the run, the picture does not do this justice, hundreds of racers walked this on both climbs.Kansas 70.3 helicopter  Back at the expo, the Army had landed this huge helicopter for display, Robert was trying to get us a ride back to the parking lot there.

Race day came early, I got to my swim start  just as we went in the water, just as well really. I had an OK swim, got out about when I thought I should, rassled with my wet suit for 3-4 minutes but finally got it off. I got on the bike and headed out, there were several very big, very steep climbs but it all went pretty good. I’ve been riding bikes 30+ years and I don’t recall ever having had that many riders pass me, like blow by me and I was actually trying to pedal pretty good.  They all did seem younger however, I finally finished the ride, only 10 seconds off from what I was shooting for so I had no complaints about that really. And then I started the run…..I was sure that I had solved my blister problems from NewOrleans but now was crunch time. I chugged along pretty good till about mile 8, I could tell I was getting a little behind on my hydration so I started spending extra time in the water stops. I walked the two big hills along with several hundred of my friends but got going again after that. Then came mile 11, it was starting to feel like mile eleven hundred, so I spent more time at the water stop and iced down myself, ate some Gu, drank some Gatoraide, drank some water, put ice in my cap, gave myself a good talking to and headed out for the finish. It was a looong mile thirteen but I ran it and was very happy to finish.  Triathlons have a hard way to bring you back to reality, after the race when you have time to rethink it, relive it,  you generally have to admit that your finish time  represents your fitness level at that time of your life.   I was so much better prepaired than I was for New Orleans that I really had a good day and had a lot of fun. The volunteers on this course were just outstanding and I thanked as many as I could during the race. Now it’s back to training, got to get about an hour off that run time.


~ by johncobbresearch on June 16, 2009.

2 Responses to “Dorthy’s backyard”

  1. congrats on your finish.. I hear it is a tough course

  2. Sounds like you did a great job HTFUing thru a tough race. Sounds kind of like that race I did in CT with lots of climbing. What’s your next race?

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