The First Days Of Summer

Here in Tyler, the temperature has been hovering around the 97 – 100 degree mark for several days. I’m not a real fan of cold weather so I’m not going to complain but I have been out on the road at 6:30 am to do my training before the heat gets up to much. June 26 birthday cake I did a good 50 minute swim with a long bike ride at the lake on Saturday, the water is getting warm.

I suppose that I have to own up to the fact that I just had another birthday. It’s good to have birthdays but sometimes the numbers that attach to them are pretty scary. I remember my 35th and my 40th  and 50th pretty well, big parties and all that. This time, I got a couple of my biker buddies together and we rode to a country store and had some Gatorade, things change….I got one of those cool new “I phones” for my birthday so maybe I can take better pictures now.

June 26 LaurentI had several fittings to do last week and one of them was young Laurent Garneau from France. He’s visiting Houston for a work project and wanted to come get fixed up on his bike.  I made several changes that should help him, I actually raised his bars about 3cm, Lowered his seat and moved it back.  We also worked on pelvic rotation and how to use the aero bars more effectively.   I just learned today that my girl Pip Taylor finished second at the Iron Girl Tri in Atlanta. She had the fastest bike split by over 2 minutes [the part I care about] but just got caught at the end of the run.  This was an all girl race that paid some good money and will be shown on TV in August. Now, it’s back to early morning biking, running and swimming.


~ by johncobbresearch on June 28, 2009.

One Response to “The First Days Of Summer”

  1. Where’s the pool in North Tyler for laps that is open from 6am to 8am?

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