Pot ‘O Gold

    July 4 jc on rideLast week I mentioned that I got a new I Phone, all fancy and of course I couldn’t use it at all. I finally figured out the camera and just today figured how to download the pictures, so now maybe I’ll remember to take more of them. This is a picture taken at 6am just before sunup on July 4th, it’s been averaging about 102 everyday so I’ve been riding early. There were about 30 other riders out that time of day.

July 4 bellwood weedsOn Friday before the 4th, my training buddy Robert and I decided to go swim across this local lake called Bellwood.  We run around it on a trail we cut during the winter, it’s just over a mile long and is supposed to be spring fed, should be nice we thought. We decided to start at the dam and swim East to the golf course, the first problem was that we had to jump into these weeds and it turns out the water was about 5′ deep,VERY nasty and the saw grass put cuts all over us. July 4 bellwood lillyThen we had to swim through these Lilly pads, this was easily the dumbest thing I’ve done lately. We swam for almost an hour and finally got to the other side, just before I got to the shore, I was reaching out on a stroke and grabbed a handful of dead fish floating in the water. When I looked up to see what that was I just about could have walked on the water to get out. No, a little more fun was coming, I had to swim through more weeds and then when I was right by the shore I went to stand up and the soft mud swallowed me up to my waist. I really didn’t like that feeling but finally made it to shore and probably won’t go back soon.  But the swimming gods parted the clouds and sent a ray of sunshine, I found a 50 meter pooljuly 4 50 meter pool here in Tyler. There’s this public pool up in north Tyler that is open for lap swimming, 6am – 8am unfortunately. It’s very nice, has virtually no Lilly pads and has some very fast swim team kids swimming in it that time of day.july 4 Rudy helmet

Last year I started developing a new TT helment for Rudy Project in Italy.  They have the helmet just about ready to release to the public, the Milram team is using them now in the Tour deFrance. Rudy sent me one to wear and test so next week I’ll be all styling at the Jefferson triathlon. This link   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g7VrmKySetU   is of some of the wind tunnel work I was doing, it’s pretty cool.


~ by johncobbresearch on July 7, 2009.

3 Responses to “Pot ‘O Gold”

  1. Mystery Solved! I was wondering what the scoop was with the new Rudy lid…It seemed to be the answer to my prayers for LC tri’s (or at least my neck’s) Called Rudy a few weeks ago to see what they knew (nothing …or at least they offered no insight…) This has been the only real fresh design I’ve seen in recent times..well done! Gotta get my hands on one before Kona!

  2. This helmet is simply amazing!
    Just love the tools and equipments you provide us!
    Any thoughts about a brazilian sponsored athlete?
    Thanks, cheers, Marcos

  3. that’s my fear above snakes and gators – weeks and goopy mud. never worried about dead fish – until now.

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