A Loooong week

I know I’m overdue to put up a new post here on the ‘ol Blog but I got tied up and anyway, here’s some new entertainment. It all started with a call from my jefferson tri mark millerbuddy Mark Miller’s wife saying Mark had a little crash on his bike while doing a road race. Turns out he broke 4 ribs, punctured a lung, broke a Shoulder blade and a collarbone, so he’s going to be down for a few days.  Mark has a nice bike shop in Lafayette, La. but he was going to be in a bind, I loaded up and went to Lafayette to help run his shop for the week. Jefferson triathlon randols South louisiana people are very nice, they looked after me well during the week. I got some good local food at a place called Randol’s with much music, drinking and dancing. I went to a Masters swim class at 5:15 am one day, went for a early bike ride another day.  Local riders, Frank & Peggy Camella and Tim took me out for a ride, we attacked Mt. Lafayette, it starts out as a series of rolling hills then the ascent begins.  As you approach the summit it is some very serious pedaling effort, it’s amazing to find such a tough climb in the swamps of Louisiana. Our group roatated through but it seems that Peggy did most of the work, after we reached the summit it was great to look back and get that sense of accomplishment. Mt. Lafayette has been recorded as 14 feet in elevation, definently an “out of catagory” mountain.

Saturday afternoon it seems that I had done all the damage I could at Marks shop so I loaded up and headed to Jeffereson, Tx. I had a rematch planned with the triathlon that restarted all of my current racing sickness. Jeffereson tri jc out of swim Well, who’s ya’ daddy now, I had a great swim, pretty good bike and a little better run. I was 17 or 18 minutes faster than last year so at least I can finally see some glimmer of improvement. jeffereson tri jc on bike I wore my new Rudy Project aero helmet, it worked extremely well as far as the ventilation goes, it was extreme overkill but I needed to test it anyway.  

  On Friday, Ginger called to tell me that my new Max saddles had arrived, that was like a present on Christmas morning, these really work.  Today, I found out that my buddy Pip Taylor won the Vineman 70.3 triathlon, a big deal race in Calif. my girl Dede Griesbauer finished third so great news for me there.  Now, it’s back to the grind, more training and the occasional work.


~ by johncobbresearch on July 19, 2009.

4 Responses to “A Loooong week”

  1. John it was nice to have you in the shop. Thanks for the knowledge you left behind for me to take forward. I hope to see you again soon. Congrats on the Tri in Jefferson.

  2. When can I get a new MAX saddle? Can’t wait to try one out, currently on the V-Flow Plus.

  3. Looking good JC, looking good. Keep up the training River Cities is just around the corner.

  4. Hey John, thanks for the training session and want to have more fit training. How can we do this? Where do I get the EMG machine?


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