A Stressful Week

Life can be so pesky, it seems that it should just flow smoothly but sometimes there are bumps in july 25 jc posseythe road.  I had gotten back from south Louisiana and had a good race in Jefferson so early in the week I gathered up my possee and we had a great ride. great weather, slow pace, everything you might want. Then on Wed. I had to go have a stress test done. This was entirely self induced but I decided that I should just be sure the ‘ol ticker was working right, just in case I tried to actually run a little faster or swim further. I showed up early for the test, they put wires all over me and the young nurse said hop on the treadmill. I asked how long I could go for, she tactfully replied that for people my age six or seven minutes was real good. I was not happy about that and assured her I would do better, I made the full sixteen minutes, nurse was shocked but I did it for all the glory.  As soon as you stop, they have you jump on this bed and they do an Ultrasound of your heart to see if all of it is working, that was kind of neat.  The good doctor came and talked to me, mentioned that I was in superior shape but oh by the way, your too fat, he said . Like I hadn’t noticed that… so now I’m trying to diet a little.July 25 Jeff bike ride

      On Saturday, we got a good group together to go swim at the lake and then ride some miles. As is usually the case, it turned into a hard, fast ride, lot’s of fun until someone touched wheels and a couple of riders hit the ground. Our newest rider, Jeff, decided to use his face as a landing point but the new bike was OK. We got him up out of the road, that’s usually when you take a moment to reflect on how stressful bike riding can be.


~ by johncobbresearch on July 26, 2009.

4 Responses to “A Stressful Week”

  1. Fat? Time for a new doctor.

  2. What a crew you have lined up to ride with John.

  3. No River Cities!? What’s up with that?

  4. John,

    Need some advice. How can I call you. I am getting ready at my old age to do Louisville Ironman. You know you are the one I trust. Need to ask you about an old HED wheel I got from you. HED did not even seem to be sure about the dinosaur. My race is soon. 229-247-9901

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