Summer Days or Daze

Ahhh, the balmy days of summer, walking in the grass, watching the flowers grow.  It could be like that somewhere but not here. The other night I was in my Jammies getting ready to go to bed. I went into the bathroom to finish up so I reach over to flush the toilet, it blows the lid off with water going everywhere.  The saga begins, I’m thrashing around looking for towels and the water cutoff, I’m not happy and it’s 10:30 at  night. Aug 10 new toilet parts I was very, very, tempted to leave that for the next day but it turns out that I needed to fix it NOW or no sleep ever at my house. So, I have to get some clothes on and drive to “The Walmart “, open 24hrs and they have plumbing parts.  There are some interesting people shopping at around midnight, I found my parts and got home. I fixed the toilet, it required a lot of tools and struggling and now I save about a Qt. of water with every flush because of my new valve.

Aug 10 practice triOn Saturday, the local Tri club had a practice triathlon for new racers wanting to do our local Rose City Tri. We had 53 people show up, it was a fun day.  We swam and a few people had that “first time lake swim” experience,everybody made it so we biked and ran for practice.  The race is Sept. 12 and should be fun. Aug 10 new rider On Sunday, a new rider had asked me to help her learn to ride.  That’s always fun, so I worked with her on how to start, how to stop and not fall and how to corner with some control. It was hot, I had just finished a 60 mile ride and was needing some shade.

Earlier in the week my best buddy, the UPS man, brought me a present.  He delivered a new Wilier Impriele [Imperial in American] road frame to me, straight from Italy. It’s always cool when the box has foreign writing on it, what was inside the box was even cooler. Last winter I had designed a new Aero road frame line  for Wilier and they sent me one of the very first ones to look over.  Yeah, I’m kinda’ the proud daddy and all, those Italians can do some pretty paint jobs. It’s light, it has sexy swoopy tubing and did I mention that it has pretty paint.  My buddy LeRoi, is going to suffer however, his parts are going onto the ImperieleAug 10 Imperiale frame. I haven’t quite decided if the Imperial is a boy or girl, I’ll put on the parts and go for a ride, that should give me all the answers.


~ by johncobbresearch on August 10, 2009.

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  1. If LeRoi is too sad you could send him here. I’ll put him to work.

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