Bike Addictions

   Santo at the officeLast week started out simple enough, think about some new bike seat designs, sell some seats and continue training.  Part of that went pretty well, the training part got a little more complicated. Along with my Pilaties torture, I’ve started going to a strength coach, my just what fun that can be. He has me do all kind of things that don’t seem natural, they certainly do show many of my weaknesses however. On Tuesday after my session, I decided I had to go see my Chiropractor just to be able to get home. In the picture to the right, I am NOT smiling, that is a grimace of pain, as we are trying to get  my shoulder to work again.  I went and swam the next day and it did seem better, I’m not sure I will survive the strength training.

    Otherwise, a great week, I did a great run on Friday, I backed down my heart rate and kept it in the 130’s for a 6 mile run, it was much more pleasant. On Saturday, Robert and I went to Ft Worth to a swim clinic, I’m a little above controlled drowning  now.

Aug 16 Kate climbing the hillThis picture shows me just cresting one of our local hills this morning….NO not really, this is my buddy Kate Major.  She’s off training in Utah and sent me this picture, I felt like I was riding up this mountain this morning however. We were supposed to ride 80 miles today, my knee cratered at about 20 from some deep squats my strength coach had me try, I decided to rest my knee after that.

  I went home, went out to the workshop and decided to finish up my Imperiele bike. Aug 16 cutting Imperiele One of the things I had to do was have a seat mast on this frame instead of using a seat post. Seat “mast” are all the rage right now from the frame makers, I suppose they are ok but if you cut it too short, you are screwed big time.  I measured several times to be sure, crossed my finger and got out the saw. The seat mast does use this really cool bracket designed by Tom Ritchey, I guess I got lucky but everything came out exactly the right length. Aug 16 Imperiele ready  I finished building up Imperiele during the NASCAR race, it is a very pretty frame. I got into the bike business because I am a bike junky, I love new bikes.  Over the years I’ve ridden hundreds of bikes, customers bikes, my bikes, bikes I just wanted to ride, they all have a personality that shows right up. Soooo, it’s like Christmas morning, how was Imperiele going to ride, was it a girl bike or bad boy bike, was I going to have to battle it’s spirit like I’ve done with Cento or was it going to be a everyday work bike with no emotion.   I only went for a short ride, but SHE is sweet!  Oh yeah, I’m biased but I’m also pretty critical, this is a great ride, I’m seeing carbon wheels in her near future.  Maybe her new name will come to me when we go riding in the morning, Imperiele just isn’t quite right.


~ by johncobbresearch on August 16, 2009.

One Response to “Bike Addictions”

  1. John,

    My name is Jessi and I met you in Spokane, Washington when you did a fit for me on my Scott Plasma at Fitness Fanatics. Although the change was drastic, your promise “that I would learn to love it” has come true and I have had my two best seasons since that change. I am actually writing though to tell you that I did my first race this weekend in my new Rudy Project Wingspan helmet. I LOVED IT! I couldn’t believe how light it felt, how quiet it was, and the overall comfort was amazing. I AM HOOKED and THRILLED!

    Thanks again for everything. You’re a genius!

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