The Quest Continues

   I’m a little late in posting this week, I’m so close to figuring out how to link some video footage to my Blog that I spent a couple of extra days messing with it.  Time always has a way to race by when your on the learning curve. Last weekend we had a great group of racers from Dallas come over and do a two day training camp here on our local roads. I have to appologize now, I didn’t get any pictures, coach Gail envited us locals to join them and a couple of us did. Saturdays ride turned epic, it was a 65 miler that was going to be hilly and then we were going to swim when finished.  We were riding along at about hour 2 when the ride director said ” turn right on this road”  being a local I said “no, that is the Dog Valley road”  we didn’t want to go that way for sure.  The road’s name actually is Dog Valley and on this day, it lived up to it’s name.  The road is a constant climb for about 6 miles before coming to the last 300 yds that is a 16+degree hill. The road surface is junk, very bumpy, lot’s of broken asphalt, I lost two water bottles on the road. Oh, I could probably have gone back for them except that the Dog’s were probably having them for a snack, I swear there was a Chiwawa that could run 25mph on this road.  We finally got over the last hill, regrouped, thought about killing the ride leader but  rested and decided to press on.  The rest of the ride was uneventful, we all ended up having a great couple of days of riding, swimming and running.  This is a great area for Tri training.

  I recieved a note JC and queeny and Centofrom the supreme commander in Italy, the correct spelling for Imperial is with an “A”  but the logo on the bike just doesn’t look it. I’ve been riding the Imperial a lot, it is a fantastic riding bike. I’ve decided to name HER, Queeny, I’m not sure why but  it seems to fit to me. This is the best accelerating bike I’ve ever had,  she handles good and is smooth on the road. Queeny and I are going to go many miles together. I got Cento out for a family picture,  Cento had done very well on our ride this past weekend and had managed to fend off all of the dog attacks.

 We have another practice triathlon this weekend for our new local racers, these are fun and help build the sport of triathlon.  I hope to be able to link my video up in the next few days, it will be fun.

August hummingbirdsI have about 20 hummingbirds this season, it always starts out with just one or two but by this time of year it’s a pretty rowdy group. You can sit inthe middle of them early in the morning and they fly all over you, it’s kinda fun and you don’t have to board them if you go out of town.

    Last Tuesday I had my friend Pip TaylorPip Taylor at Colonel's come to Dallas for me to work with her on her bike position a little more. I met Pip at the Kansas 70.3 race and had made some changes to her position, she was brave and raced it with the changes that weekend.  We met at Colonel’s Bike Shop in Ft .Worth where Doug and the crew were nice enough to let me trash the shop for a few hours.  

   Some of you might recall that last january I went to Mexico to work with their track team.  While I was there I worked with a young racer named Daniaela who had bad pedals and was not riding well. mexico daniaela at track I bought this young lady some new pedals and she won her national races the next day, so I was a big hero with the team. Now, she just won two Gold medals at the Pan Am track championships, I don’t have all the correct details on it yet but I’m very proud of her.


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  1. Nice new bike! I do not like dogs chasing me. scarey!

    Upload your video to youtube, google video, or vimeo first. then take their embed code and put it into your post. You have to click the html tab first, tho, before pasting html code into your blog. See:

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