Tri, tri, triathlons

I got pretty busy here the last few days, It’s like getting pulled in a lot of different directions all at once. sept 1st jc at practice tri Our local Tri Club had another practice tri on Saturday morning, I volunteered to talk about better transition times and how to have fun during an open water swim.  We had 75 racers show up  and probably 15 real first time racers.  It went off well and the real deal race will be Sept. 12th.

Sept 1st Tyler state parkAs the training sickness continues, we started swimming at a new place.  several of the local tri club members have been swimming at Tyler State Park, I’ve done mountainbike races there, done trail runs there but never considered swimming there.  Turns out, it’s great.  The water is pretty clear, well completely clear compaired to other lakes in the area, it has a sand bottom and it’s 400meters across to the other side. We’ve gone out a couple of times and it’s very nice to swim there.

  On Tuesday, my buddy Mark Miller from Laffeyette showed up with his new race bike. Mark runs Precision Bikes  and is just getting over a big bike crash, so he needed a new toy to help with the rehab. Sept 1st jc and miller Miller and his buddy Roo [spelled Rudd, I think] came and we worked on Marks position, great fun. Sept 1st jc and brake I went to bed that night and was thinking about the bike, something was not just right so I thought about it during the night.  The next morning about 5am I went out to my shop, the problem was the front brake on the bike.  It uses a behind the fork brake setup, I don’t really like those all that much but I decided to work on this one and see if I could make it better. sept 1st front brake I modifed a standard front caliper a good bit and got it hidden behind he fork pretty well.  I was sure that I would sleep better then and if Miller get’s healed up, maybe he will do this hot bike some justice.


~ by johncobbresearch on September 3, 2009.

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  1. Dude, I think it is about time to clean the garage. How does Gingergirl let you get away with that?

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