Training Camp with Vampires

This last week startedsept 10 camp wash vat pretty good, I got a new parts washing vat for my shop.  My old vat had served me well but last week I went to clean something and suddenly the tank started leaking everywhere.  It was a mad scramble for some rags and buckets to catch everything, hopefully this new one will last as long.

The sickness really set in on me for the remainder of the week, my training partner Robert and I got a coach /trainer to come spend a few days with us. Will Jones, out of Baton Rouge, La. 4D training,  came up and put us through a few days of torture and humiliation. sept 10 camp finger sticking It all seemed to center around constant lactate testing by drawing blood while excersizing. We drew blood during running, we drew blood while biking, we would have done blood while swimming I think. sept 10 camp tyler state parkWe took Will out to Tyler State Park for our swim testing, the water is very clear and open water is a lot more fun to train in. We swim from this beach area across the lake, it’s 400 meters, so it’s pretty easy to work up to a couple of miles.  We ran on a treadmill and gave more blood, then we worked on better stretching techniques, that was very  painful. One day, we took Will with us to Pilaties where we schooled him on core work, I think some of that suffering is starting to pay off.  Then we went bike riding, so he could evaluate our strength or lack of, it’s always humbling to have people ride away from you up hills you feel good about. Today, after some lengthy discussions about nutrition and smarter training, we did a power test / lactate test on the bikes. Sept 10 camp jc on bike Riding a bike with   your heart pounding out of your ears is not really all that fun. Riding a bike at a pretty hard effort while getting your finger stuck with a pick axe is even less fun. When it was all done, Will did some calculations and said that I was …old, not very powerful, and still heavy.  So the work will continue, I think it was good to have somebody really observe what we’ve been doing and try to show some better structure to it. I’m also sure that Will was just about at his witts ends, for putting up with us for several days.  In the end it was fun and very helpful.

I was a TV star Tuesday night, a couple of the local stations did a piece on triathlons and cycling. did a feature about my positioning of riders, you can go to their website and click on “sports” to see it, I liked it.  CBS19 also did a short spot about our upcoming triathlon this Saturday and it was very good as well.   Our Rose City Tri is Saturday, after that it’s back to training for the 70.3 Longhorn race in Austin.


~ by johncobbresearch on September 9, 2009.

One Response to “Training Camp with Vampires”

  1. DId you really need to go through all that suffering and have all that blood taken to find out you were “…old, not very powerful, and still heavy?”

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