In the best NASCAR tradition, I have to thank all of my sponsors, my team mates, and wife for all of they’re support. This racing business can be grueling at times, the travel, the indorsements, the store grand openings, the TV spots, it seems endless but it’s all for the fans….. sept 14 hardware Actually, We had our second anual Rose City Triathlon this past weekend, it rained buckets, then it rained harder. We had about 350 racers show up and we had a great event.  I won a third in my age group and improved my time from last year by 16 minutes , it looks like training helps. Sept 14 finish line tower Putting on a triathlon takes a ton of work, one of our key people is Steve farris, Ironman racer and promoter. He built this tower and all of the transition racks for this race, a huge job. His good buddy Allen and a whole bunch of volunteers pitched in and really put on a great race in some very adverse weather. sept 14 transition morningIt didn’t start really raining hard until right at the race start, then it dumped on us.  I had a ok swim, my torn rotator cuff was not that happy with the swim, had a good bike, chain came off going up a huge hill, had to stop and fix it, had a great run for me, got a heel blister because of the wet shoes, just another fun day at the office.

Cento world championWhen I got home, I found out the one of Cento’s sisters had just won the Masters world Championships in Europe, this is a big deal over there and my Cento had certainly done a good job for me this day.

sept 14 oil changeI got all rested up from the race and decided to change my oil in my Tuner car, another adventure was started. I’ve done this about a zillion times, lift it up, take off some shields, drain the oil.  But today, the hot oil misses my funnel and goes everywhere, I’m jumping around trying to catch it, it’s burning my arm, the milk jug gets tooo hot to hold, I hit my head on something hard. In the end, only about a quart hit the floor, walls, ceiling, etc. I get the filter off and finish up. Too much excitment for one weekend for me, I went to bed.  This week, it’s back to training with some new rubber band shoulder workouts planned. I’m getting ready to go to Vegas for the annual Interbike trade show.


~ by johncobbresearch on September 14, 2009.

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