Back to the grind

   I’ve been kind of “off” for a couple of weeks, after Las Vegas I just couldn’t get my shoulder working so I’ve been going to doctors and not training at all. I know that doctors are nice people but going to them is not fun and if you really want to better understand the “health care” issue, go sit in a waiting room for a little bit.  I went to this nice Dr. who measured my nerve activity, he stuck some 2″ long needles in my arms, legs, shoulder, neck and probed around ’till he struck a nerve, that was less than pleasant to me.  So after many test, I’ve figured that I have some issues to get fixed but for now, October 11 jc runningI’m going back to training and still try to do the Longhorn 70.3.  I have had to make a small concession in that I can’t seem to ride Cento very well, riding on the aero bars just kills my shoulder so I plan to race on “Queeny” my hot rod Impierale road bike. October 11 breakfastOne of the really nice things about training is that afterwards, you get to go have a great breakfast with no guilt at all. We ran 9 miles on Sunday, it was raining and cold, so it made for a perfect morning to restart the training.

The Ironman in Kona has just finished and my congratulations to everybody that did that event. The bike industry does an equipment count for that event and that was interesting to me, I just got the results and wanted to brag a little. I had 36  racers using one of my saddles, I think that’s pretty good for a 9 month old company, I had Dede Griesbaur on a seat who was the top US female and Rebekha Keat who finished 4th overall and I had a bunch of men that I hope to learn their names. If you read this blog and did Kona on one of my seats, please e-mail me and let me know.October 11 frame head tube

   Mike the welder and I have been doing a new steel road frame for a long time friend in Longview. We had it all welded up, started to paint it, when I decided that something wasn’t quite right. The top tube needed a little more attention so I did some modifying and then had to fillet braze it all back together. October 11 rear top tube This is actually fun work, I get to use a lot of tools, I get to use my big grinders and my welder so after about 4 hrs. the frame is ready to paint again. I’ll try to post a picture after the painting when everything looks real pretty.

It looks like I have about 2 weeks to get ready to race, I’ve got to go swimming and biking and running, taking a couple of weeks off was actually nice but raceday is coming.



~ by johncobbresearch on October 12, 2009.

4 Responses to “Back to the grind”

  1. John, you really seem to like being poked and stabbed. Why on earth did you need an EMG? Your comments about the health care system are right on though!

  2. Hey John…try the Tyler Restaurant in Flint on your next pancake stop. Everyone says they are great. The club has been making our breakfast ride on Saturdays to the Tyler Restaurant.

  3. Johnny, I think you may actually know what you’re doing. I guess that young lad down at Precision Bikes showed you a thing or two about bike design….you’re welcome…HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Hope to see you soon.

  4. Join the club! I had to go to NC to find the right health care but I finally have my hip fixed.

    Hey, your crankarm solution really worked. I did the Prairie Man 70.3 Aquabike and PRed by 20 minutes on a totally crappy weather day, won and got 6th overall. You were right…I keep my mouth shut from now on.

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