Almost race time

sept 18 low water at parkThis lovely lake is where we swim regularly, it’s been raining here for two solid weeks and today the Lake looked a little different.sept 18 swim platform under  You can just see the shadow of the swim platform in back of me, great and the water’s gotten cold to! It was raining again as we started our swim but it seems to help my shoulder to go for about an hour. Sept 18 morning rideEarlier that day, we rode 60 miles, it was raining and foggy so that made the ride even more fun.  I’m sure that training is a sickness but I only have one race left this year.  The Longhorn 70.3 is coming fast and I plan to try it for as long as my shoulder holds up.

I started on sept 18 seat starta new seat project this week, i’ve been riding a good bit on my new Imperiale and can’t seem to get things just right. I usually start with a block of woodSept 18 new seat start and a file, I start riding and carving until things feel better. This time I’ve decided to use some modeling clay. I plan to mount this on Quenny and go for a ride. Hopefully I’ll be able to come up with a shape that is good both as a road seat and when on the aero bars.

sept 18 Corn dog standThe sun finally came out on Saturday so Ginger and I headed to Edom, Tx. They were having an art festival with about a hundred vendors, Sept 18 gangstersall kinds of art and jewlery and a whole lot of people. I reluctantly passed on the Corn dogs and Funnel cakes but it was so great to just be out in the sunshine that all the walking was worthwhile.  My sister [in green] met us there with her gang, she supervised the shopping for Ginger.

 On Thursday I went to see a local girl, Jerri Taylor, who teaches Egoscue stretching. It’s focused on helping you relax your hip flexors and other assorted muscles, to help you regain a decent posture.  I’ve been doing a lot of core work and I believe I’ve let my balance get out of hand which has caused shoulder, elbow/ wrist problems for me. I went through a whole session and I’d say that I only have a few months to go to get everything in place. I don’t recall having these problems when I ate junk food and didn’t train but I suppose the better health is worth the trade.


~ by johncobbresearch on October 18, 2009.

3 Responses to “Almost race time”

  1. It will be a blast…wish I could be there. Worlds are back on the plan now.

  2. The picture of a 2×4 mounted to a seatpost is classic. Wierd, but I can’t argue with your method or your success!

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