The non Longhorn race

   August 3 pilaties 2 I had planned to do the Longhorn 70.3 this weekend, I had worked hard to get ready. It turns out that working hard was my downfall in the end. On Monday, my shoulder finally gave out and swimming was definently out of the question.  Running  fun seemed to have disappered also, when I went for a run it felt like 110 volts going down my arm, not good and not fun.  So, I wished the other racers well and now am prepairing for the surgery on my shoulder and Corple tunnel surgery on my hand/elbow.  My occassional training partner Kirk Armstrong did a great 5:44 for his first ever half and local Jim McAndrews, whom I fitted to his new bike last week scorched to a 5:16 for his first Half. I’m envious but I would have been well off of these times anyway.

Since my training went into the bucket last week, I went to paint the new frame that Mike had welded up. charley new frame 2The frame turned out pretty nice but the customer wanted just a standard type paint job, no flames, no airbrush art, just classic paint. That was great with me because it turned out that I couldn’t even hold the carbon fork to paint it, no grip strength in the left hand.  First, I painted the whole frame silver so when I pulled the decal mask off it would shine through and look like chrome.Charley new frame Then I sprayed on some red, then I masked off the red and shot on some black.  I did these long scallops over the red and when I pulled off the decal mask it was really cool looking.

On Friday I just got my new digitizer program working for when I’m doing my fittings. It’s way cool, it was a huge hassle to get working and it’s way cool. Now when doing these fittings, I can shoot a video of the rider, show all the joints and angles while their pedaling, show the changes from start to finish, print some awsome pictures and generally put on a good show. I’ll tie this to my heart rate and power testing and it should help everybody go a little faster.  I’ll try to put up some pictures next week.  Now, I have to start prepairing for Halloween!!


~ by johncobbresearch on October 25, 2009.

2 Responses to “The non Longhorn race”

  1. Sorry about missing your 70.3 race and your shoulder woes. 😦 I hope the surgery goes well and that you can get back to full health.

    I didn’t realize until just now that by loaning your Wingspan helmet to me, you would not get to use it for your own race. That was very generous of you. I love it and will do a blog post about it soon! Thanks!!!!

  2. Hope surgery goes well. Maybe they could put in some carbon fiber parts that you have laying aound the shop and make it stronger.

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