Spirits arise

Nov 1 halloweenIt’s a great time of year, great weather, great riding [sort of] great running and Halloween. In my neighborhood,  about 5pm and they have a party for all the neighborsNov 1 halloween 2,we bring some snack foods and do some visiting. Then about 6:30, it breaks up and all the kids [75+] go around the neighborhood collecting candy and visiting. It’s all over by 7:30 so we can get on with our lives, after all, the kids have taken all the candy by then. It was fun as always.Nov 1 pip on magazine 

Some of you astute readers may have recieved the newest issue of Triathlete magazine and seen my buddy Pip Taylor on the cover. I know, if I’d just had worn my thong I would have replaced her but some people in the world  see it diferently. My congrats to Pip for  making the cover.

It was a pretty morning but a little chilly at 43degreesNov 1 jc on ride on Saturday but I’m trying to squeeze in some rides before getting my shoulder cut on. The fall colors are just beginning to pop out and if you slow down just a little on the rides you can see some pretty scenes. We rode 20 before I cratered because I stupidly decided to try some hill attacks by standing and pushing too hard, the shoulder didn’t like that at all. I did have a great run on Sunday  and finished it off by going to a new Breakfast place that had some killer Cinamon whole grain pancakes.  This week I’m off to California, I’ll be teaching a Slowtwitch FIST clinic and visiting some California people. Maybe I’ll get to go surfing.


~ by johncobbresearch on November 1, 2009.

2 Responses to “Spirits arise”

  1. John;

    I like the biggest frame racing bike that my body will fit on so that I can lower the seat down as far as it goes. Using the upside down handle bars and a high goose neck, I get the best of both worlds and don’t end up with the back of my neck being sore. The frame is as big as possible so that my leg is still slightly bent at the bottom of the pedal. With this design concept, I enjoy riding much more than on a smaller frame bike that supposedly fits my body type and size. This may be another alternative for people so I thought I would share it with you!

    Have a great day!


  2. Mr. Cobb – have been reading youre blog for quite a while and have riddeen some of the same roads as Im sure tht you train on. I make it a point to come out to the Beauty and the Beast every year. My racing career began at about the same time of the Coors debacle there in Tyler when they made them tape over their uniforms. I stumbled upon youre website for the VFlow saddles youare making-but I did not save the address and cat find it again. I am interested in learning more about the saddles.

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