The Start Of Thanksgiving

You know that you actually dread the start of this upcoming season a little. Nov 1 cherry cobbler You have to go to the relatives houses and they have things like Pecan pie, Brownies, Pound cakes and the sort.  So just to get a jump on the season, Ginger made me a Cherry cobbler, here getting ready to recieve the just right amount of Ice Cream. It was straight out of the oven so the Ice Cream got soft and it all turned out pretty good. Nov 1 pilaties girls

This, of course, meant that I had to confess to my Pilaties gilrls who immediatley went to work on me. The Cobbler probably wasn’t worth it, having these two Hotties rub on my feet and legs was just plain torture….

I did have to do some work last week however, it was time to go to California and help with the November Slowtwitch Camp.  I do this several times a year, teaching other shop owners and coaches how to fit riders on bikes. Nov 1 slowtwitch camp 1

During these camps we show the attendees a method to get the riders comfortable and powerful on the bikes. One of the things I lecture on is how to teach the customers the proper way to sit on a bike.  In the picture to the right, our test subject is riding in a common back position with a huge hump in his back. This is bad, it restricts breathing and lengthens the cockpit area. This is often caused by Nov 1 slowtwitch camp 2the rider having seat problems  as the riders, men and women, try to roll back off the nose of the seat.   It will cost you power as it restricts breathing.  In the bottom picture to the right, the rider has rotated his pelvis properly which opens up the stomach and flattens his back.  This will be more powerful and most riders can do this with the right position and seat choice.   The weather was really nice at this particular camp so we moved the Fit Bikes outside and held classes there.  At the Slowtwitch camp there are many dogs, these are strays that people have dropped off out in the country and some have luckily made to Dan’s.  Many of these dogs are ex Pit Bull fighters with many scars and hard years. It seems that they quickly understand that this is a good place to be and the dogs and humans all do very well, you become friends with the dogs as the visits go on. One of my favorites was a Pit Bull named Punkin’ jan fist punkin.  She was the Queen there and all the other dogs seemed to understand that she was a badass and to play carefully. Saddly, Punkin’ has passed on, a kidney illness finally got her but she was always nice to me.


~ by johncobbresearch on November 13, 2009.

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