The Green Mile, the big stroll, the pearly gates

It’s countdown time right now, the nurse on the other end of the phone said clearly, nothing after mid night. So it seems right that I carboload till 11:59 and work on proper hydration.  I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned this but I don’t generally go to doctors and I don’t like being worked on so here I am,  just about to go under the knife.  I know it will help in the long run but ….I think I’m going to miss out on some training for a couple of weeks. I’ll eventually get over the surgery and be better for it but just in case, I’m drawing a big X on my left shoulder with a note saying, start here.

I had a very busy week leading up to this, I had riders in from Austin, Dallas and Houston, all getting ready for the new season.  The rider on the right, Peter, had come up and we did a lot for him but ultimately decided he needed a smaller frame.  Through some crazed intervention, on his test ride he threw a chain, snapped off the rear deraileur, the chain cut through the carbon fiber chain stay and so now it looks like he can really get the correct size frame.   We did pick him up about 20+ watts so it’s sort of like an early Christmas.

 I’m off to bed and it’s not like Christmas Eve where you have vision’s of sugar plumbs running through your dreams.  I’ll report later on, on how this adventure is going. Thank you all for your support.


~ by johncobbresearch on December 6, 2009.

4 Responses to “The Green Mile, the big stroll, the pearly gates”

  1. Good luck with your surgery . I need bike fit again . Let me know when you are back to work so I can come see you. Thanks Marla

  2. Hope it went well, JC. Jonnene is getting her shoulder worked on January 6th and she’s projected to be out of commission for 3-4 months (that is, unable to be a PT). The person to feel sorry for is me…I’ll have to do a lot of stuff for her for a couple of weeks!

  3. Speedy Recovery John!

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